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Love Cocoa's delicious American s’more recipe

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Who doesn't love a s'more? This US import has rapidly entered our hearts because of the winning combination of crisp biscuit, gooey marshmallow and melting chocolate.

Whether you toast them over an open fire or go the for the indoor oven route, take a look at  our ultimate s'more recipe using indulgent ingredients from yours truly here at Love Cocoa

What is a s’more?

S'mores are deliciously gooey, chocolatey treats that originated in the US in the 1920s. They were first known as the Graham Cracker Sandwich, after the sweet biscuits used to sandwich the filling of toasted marshmallow and chocolate. 

It wasn't long before they became known as s'mores after Loretta Scott Crew published her recipe for Some Mores in "Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts". The ultimate campfire treat, s'mores were soon a feature of scout camps across the US.

In the UK, s'mores have caught on in recent years, popularised by US shows like The Big Bang Theory. They've even been featured on the Great British Bake Off!

Choosing your s’more ingredients

With something so simple, quality is everything. And, of course, with just three ingredients, you can keep it traditional or start getting creative with your flavour combinations.


Let's start with the essential ingredient — the chocolate. A classic s'more is made with delicious, creamy milk chocolate to contrast with the rough texture of the graham cracker. It also melts beautifully into the sweet marshmallow for a fabulous flavour bomb. Try our classic Colombian Milk Chocolate for melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness.

Not a fan of milk? Then try a few squares of deliciously dark chocolate. It's a pleasingly bitter contrast to the teeth-tingling sweetness of the marshmallow, giving your s'more a more grown-up edge.

Whichever you go for, our mini chocolate bars are just perfect for one or two s’mores. Or try our hot chocolate flakes for even distribution. Just be careful not to upend your biscuit base before you melt on the marshmallow.

One of the best things about our s'more recipe is that it's endlessly adaptable. So if you're making them with a plant-based friend, just sub in one of our delicious vegan bars — we love Salty Pretzel for extra crunch. 


S'mores might be a 20th-century invention, but marshmallows have existed since the ancient Egyptians — though they probably tasted rather different. They boiled up the root of the mallow plant with honey to make a cure-all for coughs, sore throats and wounds.

Fast forward to the 1800s, and French sweetmakers decided to whip the gooey mallow pulp with sugar and egg white to create the modern marshmallow. Nowadays, vegan versions are available, too. 

It's worth experimenting to find your perfect level of marshmallow toastiness. You might prefer it just gooey and golden or entirely scorched and molten. Use a giant marshmallow if you can for full coverage of your chocolate and biscuit base.


If you're a traditionalist, only a graham cracker will do. But for a British twist on this US favourite, a digestive biscuit has the required texture and is vegan-friendly. But we'll up the chocolate quotient in our ultimate s'more cookie recipe and use one of our uniquely delicious chocolate biscuits instead.

Vegetarian-friendly and packed with delicious and ethical ingredients, our biscuits are also delicious with a cuppa or an indulgent hot chocolate. But in a s’more, they’re the perfect base for this indulgent treat.

Creative flavour varieties to try

S'mores are a classic combination. But you can still improve on perfection. So here are five of our favourite creative flavour combinations to try:

1. Salted caramel

Combine two salted caramel milk chocolate biscuits with squares of our Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar. Then add melted marshmallow, a drizzle of caramel sauce and a few flakes of Maldon sea salt for sheer s’more perfection.

2. Mexican hot chocolate

Chocolate and chillies are a match made in heaven. So elevate your s'more ingredients with some arbol chilli flakes and a cinnamon dusting. Our Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes are a perfect base for this spicy treat. 

3. Boozy berry

For lovers of white chocolate, swap out the dark or milk in your s’mores ingredients for our Strawberry Champagne Chocolate Bar. Or try a few squares of our Prosecco Milk for pure s’more indulgence.  

4. Orange meringue pie

Change up your s'more ingredients with an orange meringue twist. Orange Milk Chocolate Biscuits meet Orange and Cocoa Nib Chocolate under a melted meringue topping. Heavenly!

5. Happy Birthday!

We all deserve a treat on our birthday, so make it a double with twice the s'more ingredients. Try sandwiching your perfectly toasted marshmallow with two types of chocolate, instead of one. We suggest squares of our super-indulgent Billionaire's Bar on one chocolate chip cookie and our delicious Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar on the other. 

Assembling your s’mores

Assembling our s'more cookie recipe couldn't be simpler — whether you're in the kitchen or the great outdoors.

Under the grill or in the oven: Start with your biscuit, then stack four squares of chocolate and two marshmallows on top. Heat your grill or oven to high and cook your s'more until the marshmallow melts. Place a second biscuit on top and leave one minute before eating.

In an air fryer: Yes, you can make just about everything in an air fryer, including s'mores. Your basicingredients stay the same, but we recommend cutting your marshmallows in half and sticking them to the biscuits so they remain in place. Then, air fry for 5-7 minutes before adding chocolate and your second biscuit.

On a campfire or barbecue: Stack up your biscuits and chocolate on a piece of foil, then toast your marshmallow over the naked flames. Quickly squash onto the chocolate and add the second biscuit on top.

Start with delicious chocolate from Love Cocoa 

The best s’more starts with the best chocolate. And at Love Cocoa, we pride ourselves on the quality of our artisan bars. So why not elevate your s’more ingredients and shop Love Cocoa chocolate bars and biscuits today?