Chocolate Hampers

16 products

    16 products

    Chocolate Hamper - luxury chocolate box filled with premium chocolate gifts

    Discover British luxurious chocolate hampers with a mix of intentionally paired delights that you cannot find anywhere else.

    Beautiful chocolate hampers, the perfect gift for anyone: Chocolate is a versatile gift to suit all occasions all year round, from Christmas, to Mother's Day, a Birthday, and more! Send a surprise, a luxury chocolate gift box to your family, friends and loved ones, filled with delicious, ethically sourced chocolates, free from palm oil, handmade and all-natural.

    Browse chocolate boxes filled with handmade luxury chocolate gifts finely paired with a hot chocolate drink, bubbly Prosecco D.O.C from Italy, silky Scottish Chocolate Beer (Stout), a Cacao Gin Liqueur, Salted Caramel Vodka or other luxurious drinks. Our luxury Chocolate Hamper collection incudes non alcoholic, alcoholic, only chocolate, hot chocolate, and vegan chocolate hampers.

    Choose from a variety of luxury chocolate hampers. If you are looking for a smaller chocolate gift box, then you may like our mini luxury chocolate truffle boxes, a chocolate and prosecco gift set, or one of our famous chocolate bar letterbox gifts.

    Chocolate Gift Ideas

    Are you still searching for chocolate gift ideas? We came up with a variety of chocolate gift ideas for you to choose from. The ideal chocolate gift to buy is not always the chocolate you know she / he likes, take the opportunity to let her / him try something new and exotic. When you a buy a chocolate hamper you can give them both: chocolates you know they desire, and something new to explore.

    Love Cocoa specializes in preparing luxury chocolate gifts tailored to surprise even those hard to please gift recipients. If they do receive something they don’t like they will surely enjoy gifting it away, but chances are they won’t. When you select a chocolate hamper for her, him, a group of friends or family, consider if they are vegan or not, enjoy alcohol and chocolates with alcohol, love to snack on chocolates while watching a movie, as a dessert, or while working from home. If you need to, have fun asking your recipient questions about their chocolate desires, this will make a nice prelude to the Love Cocoa hamper experience they will soon receive, yet they will be left curiously wondering why you are asking them "I love chocolate, but I need help on how to pair chocolate and fruit, and chocolate and alcohol for my next family dinner? Do you have any suggestions?”. Of course pursue the conversation with the end goal of finding out what type of chocolate they like 😊.

    For any occasion
    Select a chocolate hamper depending on the occasion, holiday or season. Send a personalized Easter gift hamper, Advent gift, Ramadan or Eid gifts, Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah gifts, or chocolate Christmas gifts to your family or deserving employees.

    Chocolate Hamper Subscription
    If he / she has a particular sweet tooth then you may want to opt for a Chocolate Gift Subscription and we will send her chocolate letterbox gifts every week or month for the period you decide - maybe that’s true love. The packaging will also inform her / him that we planted trees for the chocolates she received. Another alternative is our Mystery Chocolate Box - click here to order it.