Chocolate that Plants Trees and Protects the Planet

Chocolate that Plants Trees and Protects the Planet

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At Love Cocoa, we strive to create moments of happiness through chocolate that's kind to the planet and its people. Through Forest Level partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we have planted over 500,000 trees in the last year, helping to alleviate extreme poverty and deforestation in areas badly affected by unsustainable farming and global consumption. In total, we have now planted 1,600,000 trees (and counting!). 

Where have we been planting trees?

Our focus has remained on reforestation in Kenya due to the mass deforestation that has occurred there through the dangerous combination of logging, charcoal burning and illegal settling. 42% of the Kenyan population live below the poverty line and struggle to find employment, and our tree-planting project helps generate jobs to support the local community, helping to restore and heal their environment and their economy longterm. 

Who plants them?

We employ an average of 15 workers at our site in Kenya, all of whom receive fair wages. Around 30% of the team is female, with women's empowerment a core principle for us and for Eden Reforestation Projects. With a steady, reliable income, our employees have more opportunities and can provide healthcare and everyday needs for their families.

Why plant trees?

Trees sequester carbon and release oxygen, which cleans our air and, crucially, combats the harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and global warming. Trees absorb CO2 and store carbon. Reforested areas also reduce soil erosion and provide storm surge protection. 

How can I help?

We're big believers in small changes making a big difference. No one can single-handedly save the planet, but everyone's small swaps and sustainable choices can add up to have a positive impact on the environment. The easiest thing you can do today? Shop Love Cocoa chocolate and with every bar, truffle tube, biscuit pack or selection box, you'll be planting a tree in an area that needs it. Each product in our luxury chocolate hampers and chocolate gift boxes plants one tree.

It's a pleasure to create chocolate pleasures that protect the planet and its people.

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