Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar
Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar 35% White Chocolate Bar

35% White Chocolate Bar

Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar

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This creative chocolate bar combines sweet white chocolate with aromatic vanilla and crunchy sprinkles. With a delicious, decadent flavour that brings back childhood memories, what better way is there to say Happy Birthday?

Pairs Perfectly With:

A celebratory glass of bubbles!

Why choose Love Cocoa? This product is:

  • Free from Palm Oil
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Slavery Free
  • Made from Single Origin Chocolate
  • Comes in Plastic Free Packaging, beautifully designed by us in London

    By buying this product, you will help to plant a tree in Kenya. Find out more about our tree planting here.


    This product contains 75g of tempting chocolate.

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    sourcing and sustainability

    world's finest cacao

    We use single origin cacao which is in the top 8% in the World. Our cacao is sourced from Columbia, Peru and Ecuador to handcraft luxury chocolates, and present chocolate boxes filled with the finest chocolate in the world.

    One bar - One tree

    Climate Positive Chocolate

    We plant a tree for all chocolate bars, nibbles and truffles we sell. With the chocolate industry contributing heavily to carbon emmisions and climate change it has never been so important to do something positive.

    Chocolate runs in the blood

    Our cadbury family story

    Love Cocoa was founded in 2016 by James Cadbury the great-great-great grandson of the founder of Cadbury's chocolate, John Cadbury. Inspiredby his philanthropic ancestors, Love Cocoa was founded from James kitchen table.