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1824 - Aged 22, John Cadbury opens up a grocery shop in Birmingham. As a Quaker, he refuses to serve the popular beverage alcohol, and instead sells tea, coffee, and, fatefully, cocoa and drinking chocolate.

1831 - John Cadbury became a manufacturer, renting a warehouse in Crooked Lane for the production of cocoa and chocolate.

1861 - An ailing John Cadbury passes the business onto his sons George & Richard aged just 21 & 25, with the business in decline.

1866 - George Cadbury goes out to Holland, not knowing a word of Dutch, and buys an innovative new cocoa press from Coenraad Johannes van Houten. The press squeezed out much of the cocoa butter from the beans, so it wasn’t necessary to add starches with brick dust commonly used at the time! This resulted in the launch of 'Cadbury Cocoa Essence', the UK's first unadulterated cocoa marketed as 'Absolutely Pure. Therefore Best’. This helped transform a small business into the worldwide company.

1879 - Cadbury had started to outgrow the Birmingham factory and began looking for land to build its new premises. The brothers keen to move away from the grubby conditions of the city, set about building their "factory in a garden" to provide a clean and healthy working environment for employees. They buy land 4 miles from Birmingham and name the new factory Bournville.

1893 - Cadbury built 24 houses for their key workers before building another 300 houses to form Bournville Village. It was important that they looked after their workers and went to great lengths to do this.

1901 - Philanthropist George Cadbury purchased the Daily News and used it to campaign for old age pensions and against sweat labour. As a pacifist, Cadbury was also a strong opponent of the Boer War and used this paper to urge the British government against War.

1905 - First Dairy Milk is launched

1906 - George Cadbury paid £60,000 into a pension fund for his employees. He wanted to ensure every worker was looked after properly and ensure they lived a good life. He donated much of his fortune to charities, hospitals and his devoted workforce.

1922 - George Cadbury died at Northfield Manor on 24th October

1985 - James Cadbury is born. His family are no longer involved in the chocolate business with his family known for their generosity and philanthropy.

2010 - Cadbury becomes part of Mondelēz International after a hostile takeover and controversy. The much loved British firm is now in hands of the American owners who make a number of promise including that to keep open British factories. Within weeks of the takeover going through, Kraft announced it was going to close the Somerdale factory. Four hundred jobs were lost.

2016 - Love Cocoa is launched in July 2016 built on the principles of the ethical company Cadbury originally was.

2017 - Love Cocoa gain first listings at Fortnum & Mason's, 100 years after they stocked the original Cadbury products.

2020 - Love Cocoa plants 500,000 trees in North Cameroon.