About our Chocolate

We take great care in sourcing our chocolate, not just ensuring we are selecting the best tasting chocolate, but also that it is sourced in the right sustainable way.

We work with a supplier who guarantees to cocoa farmers a higher than the market price. Their integrated production value chain means trading directly with farmers with no middlemen and fairer prices for the producers. They go further by working with farmers to improve the way they harvest their crop, from ensuring trees are replanted to monitoring the way the beans are fermented ensuring the full aromas of chocolate are discovered.

The chocolate industry is dominated by many multinationals, we work with a small family ran business who have a long and respectful relationship with all members of the value chain.

Dominican Republic 

In this country, where more than a third of the population lives below poverty line and where unemployment rate was over 14% in 2012, growing cocoa is often the main economic activity in rural areas and the last safety net before rural exodus to crowded cities. It allows numerous families to live in decent conditions.

Since 1988, producers got organized and have created CONACADO: National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers.

At the present date, Kaoka works in partnership with more than 530 farmer’s households.

KAOKA brings its know-how and finances a plan of renovation of the old plantations implementing clonal gardens with selected varieties and demonstration plots.



For our Dark chocolate bars we use one of the world's rarest cocoas "The Nacional" from Ecuador. This Grand Cru cocoa is characterised by floral flavours with delicious aromas.

Sustainability is at the heart of the process with the farming done in an organic way. The work does not stop there, however, with an important part of the process being post-harvest and the renovation of plantations. Young trees are planted to replace old or dying trees to ensure this industry with remain for generations to come. These actions allow not only farmers to improve production and yields of their plantations but ensure the cocoa is the highest quality.

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Delicious Gift

To be able to send through the post a selection of delicious chocolate is brilliant.
It is such a lovely surprise and this is how I first knew about Love Cocoa when my husband did this for me and now I can do it for family and friends.


Delicious chocolate (I particularly enjoyed the Earl Grey Milk bar :D). Will definitely buy again!

Chocolate down to a "T"

Love, love, love this chocolate, the earl grey adds an air of sophistication without being too overpowering and a beautiful aroma of heaven! - a once try / must buy bar!

Thank you Kevin! That's a really nice comment
Perfect Gift

I really love these coffee/Chocolate! The crushed coffee on the back makes it delicious, it was a present for my bday and they nailed it!

Thanks for the review!
Lovely chocolate!

Bought these as they were on offer, so a great deal as well as being delicious.

Thanks Keith! We hope you have enjoyed them