Love Cocoa is Officially B Corp Certified

Love Cocoa is Officially B Corp Certified

We're incredibly pleased to announce that Love Cocoa is now officially B Corp certified! 

It's been over a year in the making while we were rigorously and carefully assessed to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards in social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency, but now it is official! We are immensely proud to be joining a global movement on a mission to transform the economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. 

“I started Love Cocoa on a mission to change the way we eat chocolate for the better, and I have been lucky enough to find a team of likeminded individuals. This achievement marks a milestone in our journey and it’s a true testament to our commitment to business better.” - James Cadbury, Founder.

What is a B Corp?

B Corp stands for Beneficial Corporations, referring to businesses that balance profit and purpose to act in a way that benefits people, communities and the planet. The ethos behind B Corp is to spearhead change that will achieve an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. 

Love Cocoa has always been committed to meeting high standards of social and environmental impact, creating chocolate that is loved by people and planet alike, and it is incredibly exciting to join a global community of people using business as a force for good. 

Why does it matter to us? 

The core of our mission is to create delicious chocolate that doesn't cost the environment, so becoming B Corp certified is a massive milestone for us. The journey to a happier future, filled with great-tasting chocolate, continues. 

How did we become B Corp? 

Love Cocoa is, and always will be, dedicated to its sustainable practices. We protect nature, using no unnecessary plastic and no palm oil. We’re combatting the deforestation and environmental damage caused by unsustainable cocoa farming by planting trees, pledging 1% of our annual sales to reforestation projects, and by paving the way for change in the chocolate industry. 

The mainstream chocolate industry is a major contributor to deforestation in developing countries. The Ivory Coast in West Africa in particular has been devastated by illegal cocoa farming due to the global demand for chocolate. Change within the world of chocolate is long overdue. Unfair farming, shrinking rainforests and compromised ingredients dominate the mainstream chocolate industry. 

Inspired by the ethos of our founder James Cadbury's great-great-great grandfather, we’re on a mission to make chocolate that’s indulgent, ingenious and genuine. We may only be a small company, but we're firm believers that every small step towards a sustainable future adds up to have a big impact. This is everything you love about luxury chocolate, just better. Much better.

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