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Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne TrufflesMilk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles
Pink Gin White Chocolate TrufflesPink Gin White Chocolate Truffles
Raspberry Marc de Champagne White Chocolate TrufflesRaspberry Marc de Champagne White Chocolate Truffles
Strawberry Spritz White Chocolate BarStrawberry Spritz White Chocolate Bar
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Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar (Vegan)Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar (Vegan) 71% Dark Chocolate Bar
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"All I want to say is that it is absolutely delicious, so smooth and creamy. Just perfect."

Beryl Jones
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We're on a mission to create chocolate that tastes good and does good too. This is everything you love about luxury chocolate, just better. Much better.

  • Every purchase helps to support reforestation projects around the world.
  • B Corp Certified and 1% for the Planet member
  • We only use the finest cocoa, ethically and sustainably sourced, to create our range of luxury chocolate.
  • We protect nature by never using unnecessary plastic and avoiding palm oil.
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Boozy chocolate

Tipple and chocolate. Name a better pairing.

Browse the best boozy chocolate from Love Cocoa. From alcohol-infused chocolate bars — like our gin & tonic bar and prosecco bar, to boozy chocolate truffles — like our mini pink gin truffles and milk champagne truffles, find our entire collection of alcoholic chocolates below.

Whether you’re partial to a gin & tonic, adore the fragrant notes in quality prosecco, or fancy a new liqueur to add to your collection — this is the Love Cocoa range for you.

A touch of tipple can bring the perfect dash of flavour to white, milk, and dark chocolate grades. Whether you’re looking for a unique chocolate that offers something different or want to find the perfect treat for your friend (adults only, of course), spend some time browsing this scrumptious chocolate collection. 

Boozy chocolate gifts

Whatever the celebration — a new job, graduation, or milestone birthday  — a boozy chocolate gift is a fabulous way to gift “just a jot” of tipple to your giftee.

Our chocolatiers have been experimenting with a fantastic array of alcoholic notes. Keep it fresh and fruity with our raspberry champagne truffles or classy and creamy with our dark gin truffles. Explore our unique chocolate creations and discover a world of exquisite flavour. Cheers!

Want to really make someone’s day? Curate a hamper of Love Cocoa goodies to give them a real chocolatey surprise. Alternatively, explore our pre-made chocolate hampers.

Chocolate and tipple hampers

The perfect boozy chocolate gift — quality, ethical chocolate and a dash of real booze.

Why not make the most of our specially curated chocolate hampers? Your giftee will be treated to a range of boozy Love Cocoa delights with our boozy chocolate gift box or our gin lovers chocolate gift box.

You can also gift by occasion with our happy birthday, thank you, and with love chocolate and gin gift sets. Mostly chocolate and a dash of Edinburgh Gin. These sets present a well-balanced way to enjoy a spread of different chocolate bars alongside a taste of quality gin.

Love Cocoa bottles

This isn’t just a range of alcoholic chocolates. You’ll also find our fabulous alcoholic beverages that have been expertly selected for pairing with Love Cocoa chocolates. From the finest vintage prosecco to vodka and gin liqueur, see what takes your fancy. 

Ethical chocolate

All our chocolate is climate positive and made from the world’s finest cacao — and this includes our boozy chocolate. We plant a tree for all chocolate bars, nibbles, and truffles we sell — so you can be confident that your Love Cocoa purchase gives back to the planet.

Learn more about our story and our ethical and sustainable business practices. 

All our chocolate is single-origin and our cacao is within the top 8% in the world in terms of quality. We’re proud to use only the best ingredients in our chocolates and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eco-friendly packaging

Chocolate packaging isn’t always environmentally friendly. However, at Love Cocoa, all our packaging is eco-friendly and plastic-free. Enjoy more chocolate, create less waste.

Explore our boozy chocolates today.