We take great care in sourcing our chocolate, making sure that we are not only selecting the best tasting chocolate, but also that it is sourced in the most sustainable way.

We work with suppliers who guarantees cocoa farmers higher than the market price. Their integrated production value chain involves directly trading with farmers, so that there are no middlemen, resulting in fairer prices for the producers. They go further by working with farmers to improve the way they harvest their crop, from ensuring trees are replanted to monitoring the way the beans are fermented, guaranteeing the full aromas of chocolate are discovered.

The chocolate industry is dominated by many multinationals. We work with a family-run business based in Bogota who have a long and respectful relationship with all members of the value chain.


We are 99% plastic-free and at the end of 2021 we eliminated all plastic from our packaging.

With our plant a tree projects, we're a carbon negative organisation.

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