The best vegan chocolate to enjoy this Veganuary

The best vegan chocolate to enjoy this Veganuary

Giving Veganuary a go this year? Don’t miss out on the sweet treats you love! All our dark chocolate products are vegan-friendly, including our delicious dark chocolate bar flavours, our Dark Hazelnut Truffles and our Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes. Whether you're looking for a vegan-friendly gift or simply wanting to try some more dark chocolate flavours this year, we have something that all and any chocolate lovers will love.

Vegan Chocolate Hamper, £50

Packed with our favourite dark chocolate bars, including our best-selling Maldon Sea Salt Bar, as well as truffles and buttons and complete with our delicious espresso martini beans, this is the perfect luxury gift for vegans and dark chocolate connoisseurs.

Vegan Chocolate Gift Box, £30

Whether you’re vegan, trying Veganuary for the first time or simply trying to reduce your dairy intake, we have carefully selected our favourite plant-based chocolate products which will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Deliciously dark chocolate bars, truffles and coffee beans make up this gorgeous gift box.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar Bundle, £27

This vegan-friendly chocolate bar collection consists of six premium dark chocolate bars in beautiful packaging. All our bars are made using single-origin chocolate and the finest ingredients that bring out the natural aromas of the cocoa. This bundle includes our much-loved English Mint Dark Chocolate Bar and our Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate Bar, perfect for those who like their chocolate with a little booze. This bundle fits through most letterboxes, designed for easy gifting. 

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles, £13.50

A decadent, rich hazelnut ganache encased in an Ecuadorian single-origin 62% dark chocolate shell. These truffles are proof that vegan chocolate can be every bit as indulgent, luxurious and delicious as dairy chocolate.

Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, £8.50

Designed for creating rich, indulgent hot chocolates, these dark hot chocolate flakes are made using 60% single-origin cocoa and melt beautifully into warm milk to create a luxurious cup of hot chocolate. These vegan-friendly dark chocolate flakes also work great in other chocolatey drinks such as mochas and milkshakes and can be sprinkled onto your morning coffee for a special sweet treat. Use a dairy-free milk of your choice for a delicious vegan hot chocolate.

Chocolate Espresso Martini Beans, £6.95

These dark chocolate-dipped espresso martini coffee beans were created for chocolate and coffee lovers alike. Made using premium coffee beans and single-origin dark chocolate, they make a great office snack to give you a productive kick and put a spring in your step and they’re also the best addition for the perfect espresso martini cocktail. Dipped in dark chocolate, this is a delicious vegan-friendly chocolate treat.

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