Gin & Tonic 71% Dark Chocolate Bar (Vegan Friendly)


Gin and Chocolate, we can't think of a more heavenly pairing! Your favourite refreshing cocktail combined with our single-origin dark chocolate from Colombia.

A British classic with a contemporary chocolate twist from Love Cocoa by James Cadbury. Once popped into your mouth, the natural aroma of juniper is enhanced on your palate along with the taste of velvety smooth chocolate.

Sophisticated yet fun, the ultimate treat for a gin lover!

Handmade with love in the UK.

  • Free from Palm Oil
  • Slave Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Single Origin Chocolate
  • Plastic Free Packaging (compostable inner film)

🌱 This chocolate bar will plant one tree in Northern Cameroon!

*Contains Soya. Made on machinery that processes Milk, Tree Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), Peanuts and Wheat.

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Great Taste 1-Star Award 2017

"We had hopes of great enjoyment as we read the description. The lime notes open at the outset, the juniper joins in, the gentle chocolate bitter notes blend in."

"An excellent tempered chocolate. The snap is good. The chocolate starts and then there is a strange, nostalgic flavour from the combination of the juniper, and citrus lemon and lime. The judges rolled several ideas and concepts around, excited by the prospects. There are bitter elements of Campari or Aperol orange. There are strange reminders of rose water that lead towards a Turkish Delight. A complex, but ultimately pleasing chocolate."

"An aroma of very strong citrus - there is a citrus freshness and a hint of bitter lime - but we do not taste juniper. We like the way the chocolate melts and the finish is clean and carries the citrus well."




INGREDIENTS: Colombian Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; flavouring: natural vanilla), (<1%) Juniper Oil, (<1%) Lime Oil, (<1%) Natural gin flavouring. Min. Cocoa solids 71%. Allergens: Please see BOLD above. Made on machinery that processes Milk, Tree Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), Peanuts and Wheat.


Carbohydrates / Kohlenhydrate582kcal / 2435kJ
Fat / Fett43g
of which Saturates / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren25g
Carbohydrates / Kohlenhydrate44g
of which Sugars / davon Zucker28g
Protein / Eiweiß7.5g
Energy / Energie0g

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Our chocolate bars are the perfect gifts for all occasions. With our bars fitting through the letterbox they are great for surprise gifts. We have chocolate for him, chocolate for her, chocolate for almost anyone! Nothing beats chocolate for Birthday presents, Valentines Day or Mother's Day.


Gin Pairing

Match and enjoy our juniper-infused chocolate with its alcoholic counterpart, choose an uncomplicated gin with good botanical notes and spicy flavourings that will contrast well with the rich bitterness of 70% cocoa. Portobello Road Gin, beautifully poised, with a real kick of pepper, is not heavy on the juniper but with excesses of citrus, fennel and coriander will contrast well with the tastes of this chocolate.

Tea Pairing

Choose a green tea accompanied with lemongrass, the earthy, grassy flavourings of the green tea would harmonise with the botanical flavours of juniper whilst the lemongrass would complement the citrus kick from the lime oil. Tregothnan, the first tea grown in England is a perfect choice, it will cleanse the palate and bring certain freshness to the forefront of the tasting.

This product fits through most of the letterbox (sent in a Royal Mail Large Letter-sized box) and delivered contactless. The outer carton is for delivery purpose only. If ordered with other products, we may not be able to send this product in a letterbox-friendly carton. 

Please contact if you have any questions!

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