Make Mum's Day: Celebrating Mother's Day with Love Cocoa's Chocolate Gift Guide

Make Mum's Day: Celebrating Mother's Day with Love Cocoa's Chocolate Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a special time to show our mums just how much we adore and appreciate them. At Love Cocoa, founded by James Cadbury, a descendant of the legendary John Cadbury, we believe in celebrating this day with all the sweetness and luxury it deserves. Our Mother's Day collection is designed to pamper your mum with the finest, sustainably sourced chocolate, embodying our ethos as a proud B Corp and 1% for the Planet member.

A Gift of Love and Luxury

Explore our exclusive Mother's Day Collection, where each chocolate bar, truffle, and treat tells a story of love and luxury. From beautifully packaged chocolate bars to indulgent truffles, our collection is perfect for showing your mum she’s cherished.

Our Mother's Day Top Picks

This Mother's Day, step into the world of Love Cocoa, where indulgence meets sustainability in the heart of every chocolate creation. Founded with a rich heritage stemming from the legendary John Cadbury, Love Cocoa embodies the spirit of luxury confectionery with a modern, ethical twist. As The Modern Chocolatier, we're excited to present our exclusive Mother's Day Gift Guide, a collection thoughtfully designed to celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives.

Beyond our collection and hampers, we offer a variety of Mother's Day gifts. Whether it's our beautiful gift hampers, our delicious truffles, or our luxury selection boxes, each gift is designed to delight and surprise. And with every purchase, you’re contributing to our mission of planting trees in Kenya and Cameroon, making it a gift that gives back to the planet.

1. Hampers That Pamper: Our Mother's Day Hamper

For a gift that truly impresses, consider our specially curated Mother's Day Hamper. It's a treasure trove of our finest chocolates, elegantly presented to make your mum feel like royalty. This hamper is not just a gift but an experience, brimming with the rich heritage of the Cadbury legacy and our commitment to quality and sustainability.

2. Gifts That Keep on Giving: Chocolate Selection Boxes

Discover the essence of indulgence with Love Cocoa's Selection Box Collection, a symphony of our finest chocolate delights curated for the discerning palate. Each box is a treasure trove of luxurious flavours, from rich and creamy classics to bold and innovative concoctions, all made with ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients. Perfect to delight Mum.

3. A Chocolate Treasure Trove: Our Chocolate Library Box

Love Cocoa's most loved chocolate bars all in one place! Featuring: Honeycomb 41% Milk Chocolate Bar - This bar is our delicious contemporary take on a much-loved classic and a firm favourite of the Love Cocoa collection. Salted Caramel 41% Milk Chocolate Bar - A modern classic and our best-selling bar, this is an indulgent, luxurious blend of smooth milk chocolate, buttery caramel and sea salt. Maldon Sea Salt 71% Dark Chocolate Bar This vegan chocolate bar has all the deep, luxurious and rich aromas of our single-origin Peruvian dark chocolate, enhanced with a delicate infusion of hand-harvested British sea salt flakes. Peruvian 71% Dark Chocolate Bar - Made from the finest Peruvian cocoa, this delicious dark chocolate bar has a rich, smooth, fruity aroma and an impeccable flavour. 

The Modern Chocolatier's Promise

At Love Cocoa, "The Modern Chocolatier," we combine the rich heritage of the Cadbury name with a modern twist on sustainability and ethical production. Our strengths lie in our distinctive, premium packaging and the commitment to making the world a greener place. This Mother’s Day, choose a gift that reflects not just your love for your mum but also your care for the planet.


We invite you to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable with a gift from Love Cocoa. It’s more than chocolate; it’s a gesture of love, luxury, and sustainability. Let’s make this Mother’s Day sweet in every sense of the word.

Gifts for Every Taste

Browse our premium selection of Mother’s Day chocolate gifts, and you’re sure to find the perfect display of affection for the maternal figure in your life. Whether she’s a fan of exquisite milk Champagne Chocolate Truffles or adores exploring new flavours with a chocolate selection box, we have a little something for everyone. With its beautiful packaging, our climate-positive chocolate is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day.

Whether for your mum, mother figure, grandma, step-mum, mother-in-law or just someone in your life who deserves a treat this March 10th, we've got the perfect chocolate gift.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Our Mother’s Day chocolates are also available with fast delivery, so even if you leave it to the last minute, you can ensure Mum’s treat arrives in time for the big day! Check our delivery options for more details.


Feel free to explore our full range and find the perfect way to say, “Thank you, Mum” this Mother’s Day.