Love Cocoa Gift Guide: Vegan-Friendly Chocolate

Love Cocoa Gift Guide: Vegan-Friendly Chocolate

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In celebration of World Vegan Day, we have put together a lovely list of all our favourite Love Cocoa vegan-friendly treats. We want everyone to be able to enjoy great-tasting chocolate: our vegan-friendly dark chocolate bars come in a range of delicious, fun flavours that ensure no one has to miss out. From vegan hampers to vegan bar bundles, we have you or any vegan chocolate-lover in your life covered.

Vegan Chocolate Hamper, £50

A luxury gift for vegans and dark chocolate connoisseurs, this fun and flavoursome hamper is packed with our favourite dark chocolate bars, truffles, hot chocolate buttons and complete with our delicious espresso martini beans.

Vegan Favourites Chocolate Gift Box, £30

Designed for chocolate-loving vegans, this gift box contains a handpicked selection of our plant-based products. Perfect for gifting, for stocking up your chocolate cupboard and for sampling the Love Cocoa dark chocolate range.

Vegan Chocolate Bar Bundle: 3 Bars, £13.50 or 6 Bars, £27

Beautiful bars in beautiful packaging, our vegan letterbox bundles can be delivered straight to your door (or theirs!).

H!P Oat M!lk Chocolate

Our sister brand, H!P, creates vegan-friendly chocolate using oat milk. They’re creamy, delicious and powered by plants. Sample all H!P’s tasty flavours here.

Dark Chocolate Truffles, £13.50

Made using 72% single-origin Peruvian cocoa, these perfectly smooth and rich dark chocolate truffles are sure to delight all chocolate lovers. Like all our truffles and bars, they come in plastic-free packaging, they're palm-oil free and made using ethically sourced chocolate.