Christmas Hamper Gift Guide

Christmas Hamper Gift Guide

Gifting a Christmas hamper is the perfect way to shower your recipient with multiple small treats. It’s not always easy to choose just one present. Luckily, you don’t have to! With a festive hamper brimming with delicious ethical chocolates, luxury snacks, and tipples, they’ll have a splendid time trying all their goodies.

To help you find the ideal hamper for your loved one, here’s our Christmas hamper gift guide. We’ll take you through our Love Cocoa Christmas chocolate hampers and what you’ll find hidden inside each package.

Festive Fun Hamper

This is the ultimate gift for any chocolate lover. Our Festive Fun Hamper contains:

  • Three chocolate bars in delightful festive flavours: gingerbread dark chocolate, peppermint white chocolate, and Christmas pudding milk chocolate.
  • Gingerbread truffles
  • Champagne snowball truffles
  • Salted caramel biscuits.

Everything is palm oil-free and we use only the finest single-origin, ethically sourced chocolate. This hamper also features eco-friendly wrapping in a stunning design. This is a Christmas hamper that will certainly look the part under the Christmas tree.

In line with our tree-planting scheme, this chocolate bundle will also mean that six trees get planted. It’s an environmentally conscious extra touch that your giftee will adore.

Festive Extravaganza Hamper

While our Festive Fun Hamper is a splendid gift, sometimes you need to go all out with your gifting. If you want a truly decadent Christmas chocolate hamper, take a look at our Festive Extravaganza Hamper. A joyous package brimming with scrumptious chocolate delights. There’s just one thing — as this one contains tipple, it’s for adults only!

Your loved one will get everything in our classic Festive Fun Hamper – apart from salted caramel biscuits;  they’ll receive luxurious salted caramel chocolate almonds instead. Plus, they’ll get to try our salted caramel milk chocolate bar, a Maldon sea salt dark chocolate bar, and a 75cl bottle of our Love Cocoa vintage Prosecco. What’s better than sipping a glass of fizz paired with indulgent chocolate on Christmas day?

While this hamper could make a great surprise for one person, it could also be a real treat for a team of your colleagues or a couple.

Christmas Cheer Chocolate Hamper

Our Christmas Cheer Chocolate Hamper is an excellent option if you’re looking for something slightly smaller than our Festive Hampers. 

This gift box still contains some wonderful treats for your giftee to sample throughout the holiday season. They’ll soon be tucking into our gingerbread dark chocolate bar, peppermint white chocolate bark, Christmas pudding milk chocolate bar, gingerbread truffles, and roasted white chocolate almonds.

A fabulous combination of classic seasonal flavours and the highest quality single origin chocolate, our Christmas Cheer Chocolate Hamper will delight any chocolate lover — whether they usually reach for the white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate.

We think it’s a great gift option for most people in your life — a best friend, parent, favourite work colleague. Who wouldn’t appreciate a carefully curated selection of yummy, ethical chocolate treats? 

Christmas Chocolate Library

Just looking to send a token of your love, gratitude, or appreciation this December? Our Christmas Chocolate Library could be the perfect gift option. Nestled inside this sleek library, you’ll find our full range of single-origin Christmas chocolate bars — our Christmas pudding milk chocolate bar, peppermint bark white chocolate bar, and gingerbread dark chocolate bar.

Each bar comes in their own beautifully designed Christmas-themed box and they all fit neatly inside our starry Love Cocoa chocolate library box.

Christmas hamper delivery

To ensure your Christmas hamper gets to your loved one on time, take a look at our delivery options. Of course, you could always order it to your own home so you can give it to them in person. This way you’ll get to see them smile when they open their gift — and they might even let you try a few chocolates.

Making your own hamper

Perhaps you fancy creating a homemade chocolate hamper for a friend or family member? The trick is to choose a few different items — so there will definitely be something that they like — and package them up in a beautiful basket or box. Mixing and matching is part of the fun here, so get creative! It might be a good idea to choose a few items you know they will adore. For example,  if they love white chocolate, get them some white chocolate goodies. But it’s also nice to add some wild-card flavours.

Including different types of chocolates, snacks, and tipple will make it more interesting. Why not choose an item from each of the following categories?

Your giftee will adore trying a selection of products and finding their new favourite. 

Eco-friendly hamper packaging

If you’re wondering how to package your hamper, we have a few suggestions. If you have an old cardboard box or shoe box, you could repurpose it for your hamper. Cover it with eco-friendly wrapping paper or brown paper and fill it with your chocolate treats. You could even use some recycled ribbon or yarn to tie it all together. Slide a handwritten card into the top and you’re good to go!

You could also use an old wicker basket or get one from a charity shop. Wrap some dried greenery around the handle and there you have it — a rather festive gift. Add your goodies and hand-deliver your basket to your loved one.

Love Cocoa Christmas hampers and gifts

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas gift guide and feel inspired for the season of goodwill!

For more, why not browse our entire Christmas chocolate collection? Here you’ll find more delicious festive treats like Gingerbread Truffles, Advent Calendars, and Christmas Truffle Selection Box. All our chocolates are ethically made with single-origin cacao, so you can be sure your gifts are as high quality as they are delicious.