Chocolate Corporate Gifting with Love Cocoa: Visa Bespoke Bars

Chocolate Corporate Gifting with Love Cocoa: Visa Bespoke Bars

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Last year, we worked on a very exciting corporate gifting project with Visa, resulting in bespoke, fully branded chocolate bars that they could gift to their staff and clients alike. We worked closely with the team at Visa to create a colourful bar design that they loved, as well as individual branded packaging sleeves adorned with their company logo.

While we pride ourselves on our quality chocolate, our sustainable and ethical values and our wonderful range of flavours and products, we also love working closely with companies to sweeten their corporate incentives. From bespoke bars to company branded chocolate truffles, Easter Eggs and Advent Calendars, we can print your company logo onto just about anything!

Whether it's thank you gifts, welcome back to work gifts or working from home gifts, we have a delicious chocolate solution for all events and occasions. Our Birthday Bar Bundles are a great way to celebrate employees’ birthdays, our range of chocolate Easter Eggs are the perfect holiday celebration, and every year we create a fabulously festive range of Christmas chocolate, designed to suit all budgets and requirements.

We know that bulk buying can be difficult, so we have a range of different flavours, including delicious vegan-friendly chocolates and alcohol-free options, that are made using single-origin, ethically sourced, high quality South American cocoa. Our packaging is plastic-free, our chocolate palm oil free, and our corporate gifting system stress-free. We plant a tree for every product we sell, so you can give the gift of great-tasting chocolate whilst also giving back to the environment.

Are you looking for company branded gifts to send to your staff and clients? Look no further, Love Cocoa can deliver direct to homes or in bulk to your office. Take a look at our Easter Catalogue here or head to our Corporate Gifting page to get in touch with our corporate gifting team.