What to do with leftover Easter chocolate

What to do with leftover Easter chocolate

However you celebrate Easter, everybody loves Easter chocolate. But, however unlikely it seems, you can reach the point where you can't eat one more bite, Or you've polished off the egg itself, and you can't quite make room for those leftover chocolates. It's a delectable problem to have, but what to do with Easter egg chocolate before it starts taking up valuable cupboard space? We've put together some ideas for tasty chocolate treats to enjoy long after the Easter Bunny has hopped off for another year.

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Leftover Easter egg Brownies

Everybody loves brownies. They're the ultimate chocolate treat for a mid-morning break, afternoon tea or a decadent dessert with a generous drizzle of salted caramel sauce. But leftover Easter egg brownies using up extra mini eggs might just be our new favourite and makes an indulgent centrepiece for a springtime birthday party. We particularly like this recipe from BBC Good Food. Why not give it a go?

Alternatively, if you're lucky enough to have a whole Easter egg to play with, melt it down and use it in your favourite brownie recipe. Another option is to break up your Easter chocolate into small pieces in place of the chocolate chips in Nigella’s Emergency Brownies recipe.

Filled Easter egg desserts

Hollow Easter eggs only require imagination to turn into showstopping and delicious desserts. Just think of the empty shell as a carrier for your favourite fillings, from ice cream to strawberries and cream. And you could try the same idea with any hollow chocolate figure — think carrot cake inside a chocolate Easter Bunny for a delicious centrepiece.

Why not use the ganache recipe from our eggcellent Easter cupcakes to transform chocolate and cream into a decadent egg-filling treat? First, allow your ganache to cool before filling your egg. Then use it as a luscious dipping sauce or whip it to a mousse-like consistency for double chocolate delight.

A chocolate egg is a perfect container for a quick white chocolate cheesecake decorated with white chocolate curls, seasonal berries or a drizzle of salted caramel sauce. Or keep it vegan with this irresistible no-bake vegan cheesecake filling from Minimalist Baker.

From vegetarian espresso mousse (courtesy of Recipe Magik) to Delicious Magazine’s gin and tonic jelly, your leftover Easter egg can be the base for some genuinely sophisticated puddings. But if you want to give into temptation, pile in the ice cream, whipped cream, fruit, sauce and toppings for an irresistible twist on the knickerbocker glory.

Easter chocolate bark

Another quick and easy idea to use those leftover Easter egg chocolates and keep the kids occupied during the holidays is creating your own Easter chocolate bark.

This chocolate craft couldn't be more straightforward, and it's a lovely gift at any time of the year. Start by melting your leftover chocolate. You can do this in the microwave for thirty-second bursts or in a bowl over simmering water. Keep different flavours separate, or swirl them together for a beautiful marbled effect.

Next, pour the chocolate onto a sheet of baking parchment and add your leftover Easter chocolates. Then you can let the kids run wild with extra decorations like freeze-dried fruit pieces, toasted nuts, mini marshmallows and hundreds and thousands for a fun and fabulous result.

When the bark is set, break it into pieces and pop it in a cellophane bag with a label for gifting. Or enjoy a delectable shard with a cup of tea or coffee.

Classic Easter chocolate nests

And while you're crafting with the kids, why not try making these classic Easter chocolate nests? They're an ideal way to make the most of those last few Easter egg chocolates. Or you can dress them up by using dark rather than milk chocolate or changing up the breakfast cereal you use.

Mini nests are a delectable one-bite treat, but you could go all out and create one giant nest to house every last mini egg or leftover Easter egg chocolate. It's a perfect no-effort cake for a later Easter celebration.

Our favourite Easter egg cupcakes

Talking of cakes, everyone loves a cupcake at any time of year. But our favourite Easter egg cupcakes are a real game-changer when you want your bakes to stand out.

Just bake up your favourite vanilla or chocolate cupcakes (or cheat and buy a batch of uniced cakes) then decorate with our decadent chocolate ganache and buttercream. 

Then let your imagination run riot with leftover Easter egg chocolate. Either scatter liberally with mini eggs, adorn with indulgent truffles or create Easter egg shards for a professional patisserie finish. We can't think of a more delicious way to showcase any leftover Easter chocolate.    

Luxurious hot chocolate

Of course, if you're finally fed up with eating your leftover Easter egg chocolates, you could always drink them instead. This decadent Easter egg hot chocolate is a quick and easy treat using the last of your Easter chocolate. Just remember to add plenty of whipped cream and extra chocolate flakes for a truly luscious cup.

If you want to elevate your hot chocolate even further, melt down your leftover Easter eggs to create hot chocolate bombes filled with mini marshmallows and our irresistible drinking chocolate flakes. Simply drop your bombes into hot milk for a fabulous luxury chocolate drink. Or melt any leftover chocolate and pour it into an ice cube tray, adding a lollipop stick and some sprinkles to create delicious chocolate stirrers.

And if you really can't face eating any more chocolate, at least for a week or two, why not freeze it? You can store leftover Easter chocolates in a heavy-duty freezer bag, ensuring you've excluded as much air as possible. Chocolate can be frozen for up to three months, but leave it in the fridge for a day before using it for baking.

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