Love Cocoa's Egg-cellent Easter Cupcake Recipe

Love Cocoa's Egg-cellent Easter Cupcake Recipe

Easter is one of the best times of year for baking. During a holiday that celebrates all things sweet, only the most decadent treats will do.

Running with the Easter theme, you can create bakes that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious, spreading the joy of spring to everyone who’s lucky enough to get a taste.

There’s an abundance of Easter cupcake recipes out there, so the trickiest part of the baking process is knowing which one to choose. Look no further - Love Cocoa’s Egg-cellent Easter Cupcake Recipe is all you need. 

These cupcakes are indulgent, fun and oh so chocolatey. Plus, you can adapt the recipe in a multitude of ways to make your cupcakes one of a kind.

Our favourite Easter cupcake recipe


20 plain cupcakes - either shop bought or using your favourite recipe

Chocolate ganache

200g of dark chocolate

185ml cream

Chocolate buttercream

250g unsalted butter, softened to room temperature

230g icing sugar 

1 tbsp milk

200g of dark chocolate, melted


Step 1

Heat 125ml of the cream - either low and slow over the hob, or by microwaving then stirring for 30 second bursts. Pour over the dark chocolate until melted, then stir until fully combined and beautifully glossy. 

Lightly spread some of the mixture on top of each cupcake, then allow to set on a wire rack. This should only take around 10 minutes.

Step 2 

Add the remaining cream to the rest of the ganache and return to the heat. Stir until warm and combined. It should be of a runny consistency. Set aside to cool slightly.

Step 3 

Whip the butter in a bowl until pale and creamy. Gradually add the icing sugar until well combined, then do the same for the milk, then the chocolate, one step at a time. Electric beaters will be much quicker, but doing it by hand is fine too. 

Step 4 

Spoon the buttercream into a piping bag and pipe a swirl over the centre of each cupcake.

Step 5 

Drizzle some of the chocolate ganache on top. 

Step 6 

Jazz up your creations with decorations of your choice!

Delicious variations

White chocolate

If you or your loved one are white chocolate fanatics, why not make white chocolate buttercream instead? 

All you need to do is swap out the dark chocolate for equal parts white chocolate in the buttercream recipe. We’d also advise adding a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract.

Zest it up

For another easy chocolate swap, try bringing orange chocolate into the mix. The same applies - just use chocolate orange instead of dark chocolate for the buttercream. 

To amplify the flavour, try adding some orange chocolate flavoured toppers at the end. We’ll get to this soon!

A touch of crunch

To add some extra texture to your cupcakes, you can add an extra step between the ganache and buttercream stages.

Before you leave the ganache to set, roll the top of the cupcakes in some crushed nuts, cereal or sprinkles. It’s a real game changer.

Decorate your treat with these Easter cupcake toppers

Tiny eggs

When it comes to Easter symbols, Easter eggs are king - but you’d be hard pushed to fit one on top of a cupcake. Luckily, it’s easy to find tiny eggs that are perfect for decorating bakes - as long as you can resist eating them in the process.

To add a burst of extra flavour, try Love Cocoa’s Petite Praline Eggs. Each packet includes delightfully crunchy pralines, so you can give each cake a special twist of its own. 

Easter egg shards

It may sound strange, but hear us out. Broken pieces of your favourite Easter egg can add some seriously artistic flair to your creations. 

Either break it up into smaller pieces that resemble sprinkles, or assemble a couple of larger shards on top of the buttercream. They may not be bitesized, but they’ll certainly deliver on impact. 


Basically, you can use any of your favourite treats as Easter cupcake toppers. But as deserved chocolate royalty, truffles deserve a special mention.

Our Ultimate Luxury Love Cocoa Easter Egg comes with truffles included. Add the whole lot to the decorations pot, or save the egg for yourself later… no one will ever know.

Edible sugar decorations

For the perfect finishing touch, add an edible sugar decoration that ties in with the Easter theme. There’s plenty to choose from online, from ‘Happy Easter!’ picks to baby chicks. We covet these adorable edible carrots, but take a look through Etsy for more ideas.

Easter chocolate from Love Cocoa

We’re sure your mind is now running wild with Easter cupcake ideas. There really are endless possibilities. Don’t be surprised if you whip up multiple batches just to give them a go - and satisfy the demands of your friends and family!

To complete the rest of your holiday to-do list, browse the rest of Love Cocoa’s Easter Collection. Featuring Easter eggs, hampers, truffles and more, it has all you need for gifting or broadening your baking horizons.