Chocolate truffles

What makes our chocolate luxury?

Nothing compares to the aromas, flavours and textures of luxurious premium chocolate. At Love Cocoa, we pride ourselves on creating delicious chocolate bars and gifts that exude quality and satisfaction. 

To many, it might seem like luxury chocolate is simply a more expensive version of the cheaper chocolate they eat every day. However, there is much more to luxury chocolate than meets the eye. So, what exactly is it that makes our artisan chocolate products ‘luxury’? 

What is artisan chocolate?

You may have heard the term ‘artisan’ bandied about in a variety of industries. From artisan bread to soap, it’s a popular marketing description – but what does it entail?

When it comes to authentic artisan chocolate, the term usually refers to handmade products or those crafted in small batches, rather than being mass-produced. Often, artisan chocolatiers use traditional chocolate-making methods and have more control over their products’ creation. As a result, artisan chocolate is available in an array of unique flavour combinations.

Artisan chocolate-makers focus on sourcing premium ingredients and employing skilled craftspeople who put extra care and attention into production. While artisan chocolate may come with a slightly higher price tag than mass-produced confectionery, you can enjoy nuanced flavour profiles, irresistible textures, and a more satisfying tasting experience.

What makes Love Cocoa chocolate so luxurious?

Since the company’s inception in 2016, quality has been at the heart of Love Cocoa. Launched by James Cadbury, the great-great-great-grandson of the world-famous Cadbury Chocolate founder, Love Cocoa centred around premium production and ethical principles from the get-go. 

Over the past few years, Love Cocoa has continued to create luxury chocolate products by focusing on the following elements.

High-quality ingredients

When it comes to chocolate, not all ingredients are created equal. In fact, the quality of the ingredients can have a big impact on the flavour and texture of the final product. 

Depending on the region and conditions they’re grown in, cocoa beans (which form the base of chocolate) can taste very different. They are brimming with nuanced flavours, and it’s important to select the best beans and process them in the right way to get the most delicious results. At Love Cocoa, we work closely with cacao suppliers and farmers in Bogota, Colombia, to source the highest quality beans. By using single-origin beans, we can really highlight the unique flavours and aromas of Colombian cocoa.

And it’s not just the cocoa that needs careful selection. We roast our beans to perfection and grind them into a smooth paste before adding sugar, milk, and other ingredients to create melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. Every element must be top-quality. You wouldn’t add less-than-perfect milk to your cup of tea, so why add it to chocolate? When all the ingredients are great, the product will be too. 

While some chocolate companies may use cheap vegetable or unsustainable palm oil, we use cacao butter to create a creamy texture and select the finest dairy ingredients from British suppliers for ultimate freshness. You may also notice that some mass-produced chocolate includes high sugar levels, which can mask the cocoa’s flavours. Much of our chocolate, such as our dark vegan chocolate, features a high cacao percentage so those rich chocolate notes really shine through.

Slabs of luxury chocolate chunks

Care and attention

From ingredient sourcing to final product quality checks, we put care and attention into our chocolate. 

Ethics and sustainability are at the core of our production, which is why we develop strong relationships with our cacao suppliers and ensure farmers receive fair pay, above the market rate. From replanting trees to monitoring cocoa bean fermentation to release the best flavours and aromas, our suppliers put genuine effort into getting the best tasting results as sustainably as possible.

Impeccable presentation

Of course, looks aren’t everything, but we want to make sure our packaging reflects the luxury chocolate within. Eating is a multi-sensory experience, and our enjoyment of food starts with what we see. 

From our chocolate bars and truffles to our selection packs and hampers, every box, pouch and tube features an eye-catching design that looks beautiful and feels luxurious. If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, stunning packaging makes it all the more special. Take our Signature Chocolate Truffle Selection Box, for instance. Any recipient is sure to appreciate the elegant box – and the mouthwatering chocolates within.

What’s more, we eliminated all plastic from our packaging at the end of 2021, so you can feel confident knowing your luxury chocolate is wrapped with the planet in mind. We even plant a tree for every product sold.

Luxury chocolate bars and cocoa pods

Luxury chocolate gifts and treats from Love Cocoa

Whether you’re looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself, why not choose artisan chocolate over mass-produced bars? From romantic presents to moreish nibbles, enjoy the care, attention, and high-quality ingredients that have gone into Love Cocoa products. 

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