Love Cocoa Chocolate Liqueurs and Liqueur-filled Chocolates

Love Cocoa Chocolate Liqueurs and Liqueur-filled Chocolates

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If you ask us, alcohol and chocolate are a match made in heaven. So it’s no surprise that we love infusing our chocolate with our favourite tipples, from champagne-infused truffles to prosecco flavoured bars. We didn’t stop there: our Cacao Nib Gin Liqueur was created to showcase the very best of this perfect pairing.

At Love Cocoa, we love reinventing classic flavours. Chocolate liqueurs have been around since the early 20th century. Back then, this simply involved dark chocolate and brandy treats. Today, we have an entire range of boozy chocolates inspired by delicious drinks.

For Champagne Lovers

Chocolate and Champagne is the ultimate combination. It’s luxurious, indulgent and irresistibly good. Our Milk Champagne Truffles, Raspberry White Chocolate Truffles and Strawberry Champagne White Bar are the perfect example of how well this pairing works. We suggest you enjoy them with a glass of celebratory champagne so you can get the full experience.

For Gin O’Clock

We all love a Gin & Tonic; it’s a classic drink with a distinctive and delectable flavour. Our Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate Bar and Dark Gin Truffles are beautifully balanced with the taste of this iconic tipple, and our Pink Gin Truffles are a sweeter version of this chocolate liqueur treat. We also have our very own Cacao Nib Gin Liqueur - our favourite type of digestif and a great gift for any gin-lover in your life. We also have a Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur, lovingly created for caramel fanatics like ourselves.

For Everyone

Our Prosecco Milk Chocolate is one of our most-loved bars. Inspired by our love of Prosecco (we even have our own Love Cocoa Prosecco), we combine our signature single-origin Colombian milk chocolate with crunch popping candy to create bubbly in a bar.

Love Cocoa, Love Chocolate, Love Celebrating!

Sample our chocolate liqueur collection with our Boozy Chocolate Gift Box or Boozy Bar Bundle