Chocolate Alternatives to Christmas Pudding

Chocolate Alternatives to Christmas Pudding

The great British Christmas pudding may be a tradition, but it's not everyone's favourite. After the turkey and all the trimmings, less than 50% of us are ready for a plate of rich, fruity pud.

If you want to switch your celebrations up this year, what are the options? At Love Cocoa, it's no surprise that we've put our own spin on the festive season with some delicious cocoa-inspired alternatives to Christmas Pudding. Read on for some chocolatey inspiration, and bring some new festive traditions to your Christmas table this year.

Christmas chocolate puddings

From a show-stopping Christmas chocolate cake to a homemade chocolate torte or light-as-air Yule log, is there a more indulgent way to create a festive crowdpleaser than to add chocolate?

As modern tastes and dietary requirements change, it's a good idea to have a few alternatives to the pudding up your sleeve. And a cocoa-rich dessert is a perfect way to boost your mood and please everybody's palate. These are our favourite alternatives to Christmas pudding:

Chocolate Yule Log

Christmas chocolate log

In France, the patisserie windows are filled with delicious-looking Buche de Noel creations at Christmas. These delicious cakes replaced the once-traditional Yule log that would burn throughout the 12 days of Christmas. But as modern fireplaces grew smaller, a luxurious gateau became the centrepiece of the Christmas feast.

We love an all-chocolate version of the Yule log with a light chocolate sponge and a whipped white chocolate ganache filling. Try adding passionfruit, raspberries or blackcurrants to cut through the richness of the white chocolate. And because the sponge is simply eggs, sugar and cocoa powder, it's naturally gluten-free.

Then when it comes to decorating, let your imagination run riot. Keep it classic with a thick coat of chocolate buttercream and our luxurious hot chocolate flakes to look like bark. Or pour over a dark chocolate mirror glaze and stud with white chocolate-coated popcorn for a modern twist.

Chocolate Christmas Trifle

trifle alternative to christmas pudding

What could be more indulgent than a big bowl of delicious trifle for a real Christmas showstopper? Of course, there's no limit to the flavours you can combine, but this Millionaire's Trifle brings together chocolate brownies, caramel and chocolate custard to create a real crowd-pleaser. And because it uses store cupboard shortcuts, you won't spend all day creating something magical.

For an extra flourish, top your trifle with our chocolate-coated salted caramel biscuits and nibbles, then add an indulgent dusting of hot chocolate flakes for instant glamour.

Chocolate torte

A glamorous chocolate torte is the perfect Christmas treat with its melt-in-the-mouth truffle-like texture and sleek good looks.

It's also effortless to create a vegan-friendly version. Simply substitute coconut milk for cream and use our 70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate with its fruity and intense aroma. In fact, we recommend using at least 70% chocolate for all your chocolate baking for that rich and deliciously nuanced cocoa hit.

For extra Christmas pizzazz, treat yourself to a box of Festive Chocolate Truffles, and stud the top with a few of your favourites - the mulled wine truffle looks festive and tastes divine. It's a dazzling and decadent way to decorate this delicious treat.

Christmas Bombe

If you love the look of a traditional Christmas pudding but prefer something lighter to end your meal, an iced Christmas bombe is the perfect make-ahead alternative. Italian panettone is already a festive favourite, and this is the ideal way to use up any leftovers. 

Slice up your panettone and line a mould, then fill with a mixture of citrus fruit, cherries and vanilla ice cream to create a pudding to remember. And to make it extra special, serve smothered with chocolate sauce and a glass of Vin Santo.

Christmas Berry Pavlova

pavlova alternative to christmas pudding

Pavlova is Australia's favourite Christmas dessert. And no wonder, with its spectacular looks and delicious melt-in-the-mouth marshmallow texture. 

White chocolate and raspberries look fabulously festive, and creating a vegan version using aquafaba (the liquid from a tin of chickpeas) is easy. Pavlova is also a naturally gluten-free dessert that everyone can enjoy. And if you don't like white chocolate, use milk or dark and change up the berry combinations to create your own Christmas centrepiece.

The gift of Christmas chocolate

But what if you don't want to cook on the big day? Preparing Christmas dinner can be notoriously stressful, so no wonder 61% of us prefer to dine out on the day itself. And even if you love celebrating at home, a little convenience can make the day all the better. Especially if you're helping to plant a tree with every treat you buy.

If you're looking for alternatives to Christmas pudding to please the entire family, try our Christmas Cheer Chocolate Hamper. It's stuffed with delicious festive flavours like gingerbread and peppermint that everyone will love. Then, add a Christmas Pudding Bar for all those rich fruit flavours wrapped in luscious 41% milk chocolate. 

For something more grown-up, our Deluxe Champagne Christmas Hamper is a fantastic way to treat your guests to an indulgent showstopper. The flavours of salted caramel and Maldon sea salt combine perfectly with the biscuity notes of Moet champagne for the perfect end to your Christmas dinner. And for that perfect mouthful with after-dinner coffee, a festive truffle or two is the ideal way to end your once-a-year feast.

Then you can curl up with a mug of our single-origin milk hot chocolate as a well-deserved indulgence while the rest of the family gets on with the washing up.

Enjoy gourmet chocolate this Christmas from Love Cocoa

If decadently delicious gourmet chocolate is a must-have for you at Christmas, Love Cocoa can indulge your every whim. 

From luxury truffles and luscious hot chocolate to hampers and other indulgent treats, our website is the place to visit. We've even curated 5 special vegan hot chocolate recipes for those colder evenings. And if you want to indulge yourself all year round, why not try a Love Cocoa subscription?