Can you get drunk on alcohol in chocolate?

Can you get drunk on alcohol in chocolate?

Alcohol infused chocolates have been making an appearance as Christmas stocking fillers for generations. Whether it's whisky, rum or champagne, many of the chocoholics who receive these gifts have wondered if they could eat enough to feel as drunk as if they had a session at the pub.

So, is it really possible to drink too much by eating chocolate? Truly the question has split the room for many foodies, but the answer can depend on a variety of factors.

Maths suggests that the numbers certainly add up. Giddy inducing ingredients in champagne truffles account for approximately 2% of the truffles themselves. That may not seem like much, but when a pint of beer contains around 4-6% proof alcohol, it makes you wonder. Do three or four truffles make up for a single pint? It's hard to say. But then if some chocolates claim to use up to half a shot of liquor in their treats as well, a woozy night may not be so impossible.

People Toasting with Cocktails

However, a person's tolerance cannot be ignored either. The way the human body processes alcohol can vary greatly. In addition to this, as much as what's on the inside is vital, what the human body takes in from the outside also has a strong influence on our reaction to alcohol. The same can be said of the chocolate itself, affecting the body in a way that slows down how it metabolises alcohol.

Overall, getting drunk on chocolate bursting with booze is theoretically possible, especially when you crunch the numbers. But with the amount of chocolate you'd have to eat, a hangover might be the least of your worries. With diabetes and plain old stomach sickness as bigger contenders for eating mountains of chocolate, it's probably best that you surrender sobriety the old fashioned way and stick to drinking pints.

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