Is Avocado Chocolate Healthy?

Is Avocado Chocolate Healthy?

Chocolate is usually regarded as a cardinal sin when it comes to looking after your health but this doesn't need to be the case; if you make the right choices when selecting your sweet treat then you can enjoy your chocolate without feeling guilty. 


Here are four reasons why avocado chocolate can be good for your health:

1. Avocado can help with weight loss If you're struggling to shed those last few pounds, then avocado chocolate might be the ideal solution for you. Studies suggest that regular consumption of avocado can aid in weight loss and help regulate your metabolism. When taken in moderation, chocolate with a high cocoa percentage can even help to accelerate weight loss.

2. Look forward to lower cholesterol Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world and is often caused by high levels of cholesterol. However, this is where avocado comes to the rescue, as numerous studies have proven the fruit to be effective at reducing cholesterol levels and improving heart health when regularly consumed.

3. Avocados can improve skin health Dry skin can be a painful condition that can really disrupt daily life. Avocado skin creams and hair masks have been popularised for their cosmetic properties but many people overlook the value of consuming the vitamin-rich fruit as well. Avocado has proven itself to be an effective treatment for people with skin ailments, which is largely down to the nutrients inside the fruit that help to nourish and soothe skin from within.

4. They're great to eat during pregnancy When you're eating for two, it's more important than ever to give your body as much nourishment as possible. Doctors recommend prenatal vitamins, but have you also considered the benefits of eating some avocado chocolate alongside them?


Now that you know some health benefits of avocados - why not try Love Cocoa's Avocado Dark Chocolate?!

We use the best organic hass avocado's from Mexico, combined with our delicious Dark chocolate from Colombia. We use avocado which has been freeze-dried into a powder and retains the same great taste, smell, colour, vitamins, minerals (and oils) of the original fruit! What's more - there's some health benefit of dark chocolate too.