9 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About Chocolate

9 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About Chocolate

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This is extremely important.


Your job is at stake.


Grab your favourite chocolate bar and your favourite chocolate beverage and block out the next few minutes to read this. Knowing this stuff could be the difference between getting promoted and getting fired.


Here are 9 things your boss expects you to know about chocolate.


  1. Chocolate is the best gift


Boss’s birthday coming up?


While everyone else in the office is fretting over what to get them, or wondering if they need to get them anything at all, you’ll know exactly what to get them.


Not wine. Wine is too difficult. Some people hate it. Some can’t drink it. Some are snobs and you might get the wrong bottle. Stay away from wine.


Not flowers. Flowers are almost as hard as wine to get right. If your boss is a man, flowers are a weird gift. If your boss is a woman, you might send mixed messages. Or they might have an allergy! Stay away from flowers.


Not lingerie. What, are you crazy?! Definitely stay away from underwear of any kind. Shame on you for even considering it! Totally inappropriate. Jeez…


The answer, as always, is chocolate. Specifically chocolate gift boxes.


In the unlikely event that your boss doesn’t like any chocolate at all, a chocolate gift box is still the best present. They can give it to their wife or husband. They can give it to their kids. They can have it in the house just in case they’re entertaining.



Now you’ve got that covered, you probably think you’re all clear. Oh, no… There’s more. Your boss wants you to know more…


  1. Sharing chocolate with co-workers sends the right message


If you want to demonstrate that you have initiative and leadership qualities, bring a chocolate gift box to work and let your co-workers enjoy.


There doesn’t have to be a special reason to share chocolate. Just tell everyone you’ve tried these delicious new bars and you want to share the joy with everyone.


You’ll get people talking. You’ll get people warmed to you. You’ll tighten the office camaraderie. Morale will be super high when everyone’s chomping on luxury chocolate. And high morale means high productivity. That means a happy boss. And a happy boss means more opportunities for you!


  1. Your choice of chocolate reflects your working style


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You can very subtly influence your boss’s perception of you through your choice of chocolate.


If you want to show that you mean business, you’ve had experience in the trenches of your industry, and you’re ready for anything, have a bar of Ecuador 70% on your desk.


If you want to show off your people skills, prove that you know how to make others feel appreciated, and hint towards your positive outlook, have a bar of Honey & Honeycomb on your desk.


If you want to show your loyalty to the company, your refinement, and your appreciation of the finer things in life, a bar of Earl Grey is for you.


  1. Chocolate is associated with intelligence
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Did you know that there is a link between countries with Nobel Prize winners and chocolate consumption?


The countries with the most Nobel Prize winners also happen to be the countries that eat huge amounts of chocolate.


Countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Austria all rank highest for chocolate consumption. They also rank highest for amount of Nobel Prize winners.


Coincidence? I think not. Your boss doesn’t think so either. Your boss knows that chocolate is the thinking-person’s food of choice. When they see you thoughtfully nibbling on a bar of delicious milk chocolate, they will know you’re just about to do something huge for the company’s profits (when actually you’re probably just watching cat videos on YouTube).


  1. Chocolate can diffuse difficult situations


Uh-oh. You know that look.


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.


It’s only a matter of time before your boss blows.


He’s gonna flip out. But luckily you know just the trick to diffuse any difficult situation. No need to call in the bomb squad. You have chocolate!


Next time you see your boss or coworkers facing the pressure, rush in there with a box of delicious chocolate. It will immediately put things in perspective. It will also put a big smile on their face. Once they’ve enjoyed a mouthful of chocolate, the happy chemicals will begin to surge through their body and they will relax.

Phew! Crisis averted.


  1. Chocolate teaches you how to do a better job


Next time you’re appreciating a square or two (or ten) of delicious chocolate, take a moment to think about what you can learn about business.


The chocolate’s silky texture, the way the flavour changes the longer it stays in your mouth, the way it snaps and crumbles… These are all amazing things. But they aren’t miracles. Someone designed the chocolate to be this good!


Think about all the effort that went into creating a premium chocolate. From the recipe to the production to the package design to the distribution. All of these required top expertise and world-class craftsmanship.


So next time you’re enjoying your favourite chocolate, think about how you can introduce the same expertise and creativity into your own job. Your boss will thank you for it.


  1. Chocolate is a great way to get more customers
new customers

Does your job involve sales?


Do you regularly speak to and meet with new clients?


If so, you might want to keep a bar of chocolate on you at all times (actually keep two bars just in case you eat one).


One of the best ways to get business from people, and get people to like and trust you, is to use a selling “trigger” known as the rule of reciprocity.


That basically means if you give something to someone, they will feel obliged to return the favour.


In a business setting, this means they will be way more likely to give you their business.


So, next time you’re in an important sales meeting, take out the chocolate, break off a couple of squares, and implore them to try it. You’ll make a new friend and get a new customer for your business.


And when your boss asks, ‘How did you do it?’ You can say, ‘Chocolate!’ To which they’ll reply, ‘I knew it!’


  1. Chocolate helps you focus


Dark chocolate is a fantastic food for improving your mood and your productivity. It contains caffeine and theobromine, which effectively put you in the zone. Snap off a square whenever you need a boost and you’ll be sure to beat the mid-afternoon blues.


Milk chocolate is also great because it relaxes you and boosts those feel-good chemicals.


If it were up to me, every single employee would have a big bar of chocolate on his or her desk because I know it makes you work harder!


  1. Love Cocoa has the best chocolate

Your boss told me this in secret. They didn’t want to tell you directly. They said you were smart and they wanted you to figure it out on your own. But, because we’re friends, I’m just giving you a heads up.


If you are going to surprise your boss or co-workers with a chocolate gift box, be sure to grab one of the luxury boxes from Love Cocoa. Then you’ll be practically guaranteed a promotion!