16 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Chocolate

16 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Chocolate

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Chocolate unites people.


Chocolate gets people talking and sharing the good times.


Whenever you’re stumped for convo, talk about chocolate. This is the secret of world-class conversationalists. This little people-trick is known as “chocversation”.


Why talk about chocolate?


Because chocolate is the most interesting topic in the universe (2nd place goes to cats being scared of cucumbers and 3rd place goes to babies eating sour lemons).


Here are 16 reasons that prove chocolate is the most interesting topic. These reasons will show you exactly why you should be talking about it. Nonstop. Between mouthfuls of chocolate.


  1. Chocolate has over 600 flavour compounds


You heard me right. You didn’t overdose on cocoa (mmmm… cocoa overdose). Chocolate has over 600 different flavour compounds!


Red wine only has 200. So, for those keeping score, chocolate 1, red wine 0. Just kidding, red wine, we love you (with chocolate).


  1. 70% of Londoners will reveal their password for chocolate


The BBC did a study in 2004 that showed 30% of the London population to be completely clueless.


I mean, seriously? Who wouldn’t exchange their password for a bar of chocolate? I’ll give you my password right now. It’s “chocolate”.


  1. Eating dark chocolate reduces your risk of heart disease by a third


Now that’s one of the best reasons to be talking about chocolate. You could save lives!


Next time your loved one is looking stressed out, snap off a square of Love Cocoa’s delectable Ecuador 70%.


  1. The Mayans used chocolate as money


The indigenous people of Central America bought goods with cocoa beans. They literally handed over some delicious beans in exchange for some meat or clothes or anything they wanted. The last time I tried to pay with cocoa beans, I was escorted out of the department store.


You might think it’s awesome to use cocoa beans as currency (I did at first). But if it’s currency, you can’t eat it! Only the super rich Mayans actually consumed cocoa. They would warm it up and drink their money.


  1. Japanese people eat chocolate covered crisps


This is one of my favourite chocolate talking points. Most people’s first reaction at hearing about chocolate covered crisps is that it sounds really gross. But when they actually taste these chocolate crisps, they can’t believe their taste buds!


Chocolate covered crisps are weird in theory. But tasting is believing. If you ever go to Japan, be sure to stock up. The combination of milk chocolate and salty crunch is magical.


  1. Do you know when Chocolate Day is?


That’s right. There’s an official Chocolate Day. It marks the day when chocolate first entered Europe. Chocolate Day is on July 7th. But there is also National Milk Chocolate Day, which is on July 28th. International Chocolate Day is on September 13th.


But, really, don’t think of those days as chocolate days. Every day is a chocolate day. Those days are just excuses to eat even more chocolate.


  1. The first chocolate bar was made in England


Fry & Son made the first chocolate bar in 1847. The company then went on to merge with Cadbury. Yes, that Cadbury!


Love Cocoa is carrying on that wonderful family tradition by making high quality organic British chocolate bars, ethically sourced from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. For a real treat or chocolate gift, indulge in the British Icons Collection.


  1. The Belgium Post Office issued chocolate-tasting stamps


In 2013, the Belgium Post Office celebrated their country’s finest produce by creating limited edition stamps that smelled and tasted like chocolate.


If only they did that with all stamps. I could really get into stamp collecting. Except I would have no collection… Because I would eat it.


  1. Chocolate is edible love


Okay, that sounded way cooler in my head. Now that I look at it written, it sounds kinda sad. But it’s true! It’s scientifically proven. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases happy chemicals in your brain that are similar to the feeling of falling in love.


Chocolate also contains tryptophan, which boosts serotonin levels in the brain, making us feel happier.


  1. Over 50% of American adults prefer the taste of chocolate to anything else


What I want to know is, why is that number so low? Have the rest of them never tasted chocolate?


This is a great talking point because it can lead into a vigorous, perhaps even violent, debate about what the best flavour in the world is.


  1. There is a chocolate shortage


Many Latin American cacao trees are facing disease and climate problems. In addition to the chocolate supply going down, the demand is constantly going up.


This is a serious problem and not enough people are talking about this. There’s plenty of awareness about different political matters. But where are the ‘Save the Chocolate’ campaigns?


  1. 100 lbs of chocolate are eaten every second in the U.S.


Not by the same person, of course. I don’t live in the U.S. But isn’t that an extraordinary statistic? I think that proves that chocolate is something you should be talking about. Unless the act of talking about chocolate gets in the way of the act of eating chocolate.


  1. Cocoa could improve your memory


A 2014 study found that healthy adults scored better on a memory test after drinking a cocoa drink for 3 months. It’s not conclusive proof yet that chocolate improves memory but no one needs to know that. Especially when anyone scolds you for indulging in choco-goodness while you work or study. “It’s good for my brain, darn it! Gimme more!”


  1. Chocolate can help your cough


Chocolate contains theobromine, a mild stimulant, which was found to be even more effective than codeine for suppressing coughs.


Every cloud has a silver lining. Even when your coughing and hacking and feeling terrible, you can still indulge in your favourite treat and it will make it all better!


  1. Chocolate is movie famous!


Remember the shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho? Remember all that gruesome fake blood? Well it wasn’t fake blood. It was actually chocolate syrup because, on black and white film, chocolate syrup looked more like blood than any of the red fake blood!


That’s a great reason to start talking about chocolate because you can segue into discussions about movies like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Chocolat, and In Search of the Heart of Chocolate.


  1. Chocolate has never been easier to enjoy


You don’t even need to drive to the shops to get your favourite treat anymore! Love Cocoa has a delicious range of premium, fair-trade chocolate gift boxes. These boxes are specifically designed to perfectly fit through your letterbox. That means you order your favourite box, Love Cocoa send it out on free next-working-day delivery, and then you get your chocolate. No waiting for the postman or missing your delivery. Just pure chocolate goodness without any hassle.


There you have it. 16 reasons why you should be talking about chocolate!


Now you have no excuse for keeping silent at get-togethers. No more excuses for nervously waiting for the chocolate fountain to save you. Choose any one of these chocolate talking points and watch your nervousness melt away, like fine milk chocolate melting in your mouth.