They Did WHAT With Chocolate?

They Did WHAT With Chocolate?

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Most people, if pushed, can come up with couple of wild and whacky things to do with chocolate – some of them definitely not for publication! – but there are folks around the world who must have the weirdest imaginations, coupled with the need to use this most beloved of confectionery and unlikeliest of craft materials to realise their fantasies.

These are our seven strangest finds so far – in ascending Order of Odd – you may, of course, have other ideas…

  1. Up to the neck


Actually, although it may seem a bit unusual at first glance, bathing in chocolate might not be such a bad idea. According to various health sources, dark chocolate contains a whole host of magical ingredients that can nourish, detoxify, relieve stress, protect from harmful UV rays, and improve circulation. And that’s all just by putting it on the outside of your body. Wow! If it’s that good on the outside of you, just imagine how great it must be on the inside!

Ok guys, how about we drink the bathwater….

  1. Chocolate talons



Everyone must have noticed the massive nail art craze that’s been around for the last few years, like having the Mona Lisa painted on each nail except the one that has a portrait of Da Vinci on it, you know the sort of thing. Well, there are a lot of designs which mimic chocolate – chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate donuts with sprinkles, M & M’s designs and even nail polish that smells of chocolate, but now an Asian nail technician has started using real chocolate to sculpt raised designs on nails. It makes sucking your thumb tastier anyway.

  1. Chocolate dipped tasty treats


There has long been a trend for mixing unlikely foods with chocolate, usually by dipping them in its melted form. Jalapeno chillies are a notable example, as are fried bacon and beef jerky, to name but a few. If those menu items don’t appeal, how about trying chocolate coated dill pickles with your next hamburger, or maybe choc-dipped seaweed as a neat little dessert… or would it be a starter? The one you just can’t refuse is chocolate covered mashed potato eggs – yum! We suspect the Easter Chocolate Bunny would have something to say about that one!

  1. Chocolate covered nibbles


While we’re on the subject of choco-food items, the next time you get an attack of the munchies you could nibble on a handful of chocolate-coated insects. Yes, well, choc locusts, crickets and worms have had their day – still available around the world in handy-packs, but definitely old hat. The in-snacks today are:

… drumroll…

…. chocolate covered giant ants and choc-dipped silk worm pupae. Yay!! That’s tonight’s TV snacks taken care of.

  1. Chocolate construction


Chocolate has been used for a very long time to make cake and sweet decorations, but building a scale copy of the Great Wall of China from chocolate bars seems to be a little bit over the top somehow. The 10m long model was made for the 2010 World Chocolate Wonderland exhibition in Beijing, from 80 tons of solid chocolate bars topped by over 500 chocolate replicas of the Terracotta Army figures.

A little closer to home was the life-sized chocolate model of Elton John shown in Madame Tussauds in 2012, correct in every detail down to the tinted specs. Stay away from those hot exhaust jets, Rocket Man.

  1. A room with a sweet view


January 2008 in Manhattan saw the unveiling of probably the most elaborate and ambitious chocolate construction ever – an entire room. Yep, everything from the walls, furniture, replica Klimpt painting, fireplace and logs to candelabra and tableware was made of white and dark chocolate by the Godiva Chocolatier company. They offered this extravaganza as the prize in their annual Valentines competition. The lucky winner would be the person who found the winning ticket in their purchased box of chocs …. have we heard that idea somewhere else??

  1. Okay … we’ve arrived … numero uno weird thing done with chocolate.


Well, this one is a bit delicate actually and if you’re of a nervous or easily offended disposition, you may want to look away at this point.

Ahem… the winner is – your anus.

No, no, not a typo that should read Uranus, actually ‘Your Anus’. A few years ago a chap called Magnus Irvin in London had the bright idea of making chocolate ‘brown starfish’ as some folk coyly call them. Now it’s possible to buy posh boxes of milk, dark and white ones on the internet, billed as ‘edible anus chocolates’. An absolute must for any Valentines Day romantic gift. Oh, by the way, If you’d like your rear immortalized forever, he’s now doing brass and glass versions moulded from your very own butt. Do hunt out the video online – it’s a scream! It’s unlikely anyone could top this for weird – or bottom it either really!


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