The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift-Guide - By Love Cocoa 💐

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift-Guide - By Love Cocoa 💐

We've put together the ultimate Mother's Day gift guide, to ensure your Mum receives a delicious gift, that truly says "I love you" 💝
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With Mother's day fast approaching, we're sure you're already on high-alert, looking out for the perfect gift for the all important mum-figure in your life 🎁

However, if you're still struggling to find something (like most of us are!), you've come to the right place, as we've put together the ultimate Mother's Day gift guide, to ensure your Mum receives a delicious gift, that truly says "I love you" 💝


Love Cocoa's chocolate and candle hamper is the perfect gift for all those busy Mums out there, who just need to sit back and relax 🛀🏼. This hamper is packed with goodies, such as a vegan Aery "Happy Space" Candle, a miniature bottle of prosecco, and a selection of Love Cocoa's luxury chocolate, meaning your mum can take some time to unwind in the bath, snack on some chocolate, sip at her prosecco, and soak up the gorgeous, relaxing smells of her lit candle 🕯️



 Already feeling overwhelmed because your Mum has a massive sweet tooth, and there's simply too much to choose from? Well...why not get her a Love Cocoa chocolate gift box? Full to the brim with some of our best-selling products, this hamper has been carefully curated by the Love Cocoa team to ensure the recipient is entirely spoiled for choice! 💝



Shopping for a truffle-lover this Mother's Day? If so, our new Favourites Truffle Selection Box could be the gift you've been looking for! 🍫 Inside your recipient will find an assortment of our notoriously tasty chocolate-truffles in flavours Birthday Cake, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, Gooey Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate Champagne, Pink Gin, Raspberry Champagne, and Milk Chocolate 💝. Plus, not only do these chocolates taste incredible, they come in a gorgeous pink and gold box bound to brighten anyone's day 💐.



Is your Mum a sucker for a cuppa' ? If she is, then our chocolate coated chunky biscuits will make the perfect gift, as there's no better pairing than a luxury chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea!🍪 Available in both double chocolate and salted caramel these biscuits are mouth-wateringly good, and are much loved by everyone at Love Cocoa HQ 😍. Our only recommendation is that you buy more than one tube at once, as we guarantee your recipient will not want to share! 😅



What better way is there to say "I love you" to your deserving Mum than by gifting her a heart-shaped box of luxury chocolate truffles 💝? Biting into the white chocolate, raspberry adorned shell of one of these truffles, and being met with a Marc de Champagne and raspberry puree infused fresh cream ganache is sure to bring your recipient pure and utter bliss 🥰. These are perfect to gift on their own, with a bouquet of flowers, or with their Salted Caramel Heart Truffle Box counterpart 💙



Sweet and vibrant just like her 🍓! If your Mum is a fan of light, summery flavours like berries and champagne, this bar is definitely the one for her 🍾. In this bar we have combined the finest white chocolate with smooth strawberries and notes of Marc de Champagne, which creates a delightful fizzing sensation sure to put a spring in anyone's step! This bar not only tastes exceptional, but the (plastic-free!) packaging is equally as divine, and will make a beautiful gift for a beautiful person inside and out 👩🏼‍🍼