Love Cocoa Stockist of the Month - January

Love Cocoa Stockist of the Month - January

Introducing Love Cocoa's wonderful stockist of the month, Bells and Roses! 🌹



Bells and Roses is an online shop run by mother of two Daniella, which sells an array of beautiful, hand-picked self-care hampers.

Daniella's business was inspired by her passion for self-care & wellbeing, which she wished to share by creating beautiful gift and hampers, sent from the heart. 

Her goal is to create unique and meaningful gift boxes that offer moments of calm, comfort and happiness to each individual, whilst also including hand-written notes in each order, to add a personal touch 💝



To learn a little more about her business, we asked Daniella a few questions.

Here are her answers ⭐


What inspired you to start your business? 🛒

It was at the start of the pandemic, and I was looking to reach out to my loved ones with a care package, just to let them know that I was thinking about them! I’ve always been passionate about self-care and wellbeing, so that’s when Bells & Roses was born! ☺ I wanted to make beautifully curated gifts that are sent from the heart.

What are 3 of the main goals or values you champion as a company? 🤍

When I started Bells and Roses, it was extremely important to me that we are as eco-friendly as possible & use materials that are recyclable and reusable. We are part of Ecologi, which means with every order a tree is planted; helping you be climate positive too! This is one of the reasons I also love working with Love Cocoa as one tree is planted with every product sold! Love it!

We also support and champion other UK based independent small businesses to curate thoughtful, eco-conscious gift boxes that are full with handmade, sustainable & cruelty - free products.

My goal is to create unique and meaningful gift boxes that offer moments of calm, comfort and happiness to each individual.

How, if at all, did lockdown alter the way your business operates? 🔒
Due to Bells and Roses starting in the thick of the pandemic and with so many people that wanted to reach out to their loved ones, it really kick started the business, however I never in a million years thought my business would bloom in the way it did so soon! 

I feel so honoured that so many people have chosen Bells and Roses to send gifts to their loved ones.

Where do you want to see your business in 5 years time? 📅
I have lots of exciting ideas and projects ahead, so watch this space! 😉

Are there any habits you do, or want to, incorporate into your daily operation to make you more sustainable? 🌍
We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we only have one home and it’s important to us to do our little bit to help look after it.

Other than Love Cocoa, what are 2 of your favourite products sold in your shop? 🛍
Oh, there are so many to choose from, I just love them all! Some of my favourites if I had to choose would be the Bath Bombs by Tubbs, these smell divine and also the self-heating eye masks, I’m constantly using these! 

What is your favourite Love Cocoa product and why? 🍫
It’s got to be the Truffles! I love the Pink Gin and also the Salted Caramel!.... I must stop eating my stock!

If you could create your very own Love Cocoa chocolate bar, what flavour would it be? 🤤
Oo that’s a tough one as you have so many amazing flavours already! I do love White Chocolate with Raspberry, but to be honest I love anything Chocolate! 🥰



To shop all of Bells and Roses' amazing hampers and goodies, just click the link here