Best Gifts for Mothers Day

Best Gifts for Mothers Day

We all love our Mums, so it’s natural that we want to buy them the very best gifts for Mothers Day. But they are all so different aren’t they?

Here are some ideas we have come up with that most Mums really appreciate.

More than chocolate

One of the most successful chocolate marketing campaigns of all time ran with a man who climbed mountains, braved all weathers and generally put himself at risk to deliver a box of chocolates. Luckily there is no need for anyone to do that anymore because chocolate can now be ordered online and delivered through the letterbox. Latest research has revealed that 1 billion people worldwide like chocolate and Europeans eat almost 7 kilos each per year. So there’s a fair chance that many mothers love it.

If you think the best gifts for Mothers Day include chocolate why not give your mum something entirely original as a chocolate letterbox gift? You know she’ll get it, avoiding the disappointing failed delivery card, because the postman can just pop it through her letterbox.

Love Cocoa provides a variety of letterbox collections including dark and milk chocolate bars. All the ingredients to make this delicious chocolate are ethically sourced and flavoured with Earl Grey Tea, Gin & Tonic, Coffee and Mint to name just a few. Click on Letterbox Chocolate Collections to explore the fascinating world of artisan chocolate.

If you really want to make an impression, why not make your Mum a member of the Love Cocoa Chocolate Club. This is a letterbox subscription service where you can ensure that Mum gets regular deliveries of chocolate throughout the year! Delivered to her in bespoke packaging with a card she’ll think of you every time the chocolate arrives.

Something floral

Flowers to brighten up her room and scented with a fragrance you know she will adore. Knowing my Mum so well, she will love this gift to be delivered to her door. Her favourite flowers are roses and did you know that pink roses are ideal for almost any occasion? Whether you’re sending a thank you, lifting the spirits of a friend who is down or showing someone how much you love them, dark pink roses are perfect. Light pink roses are significant of gentleness and admiration, so both dark and light are good choices for that very special Mum. Our Mums are worth it, and we all know they deserve the best gifts for Mothers Day to make them feel special. You can get the flowers delivered by ordering online or by phone. If you use an online service it couldn’t be easier. They have a wonderful selection of flowers, in so many different colours. You can mix and match for that individual choice, small and large bouquets or maybe a small posy. For an extra special gift you can add a personalised card and perhaps a bottle of champagne. Gift wrapped and personalised, if you order before the 19th march you get a free, next day delivery on Mother’s Day flowers.

You are one of the best gifts for Mothers Day

Naturally, if you live abroad or some distance away, it might not be possible for you to visit on Mother’s Day. For this reason, letterbox gifts and delivery services exist. However, you can be certain that most mums would love to see you with or without a gift. Make her day complete by sending a gift and surprising her with a visit!




Love Cocoa is a British chocolatier selling luxury chocolate bars. The company was started in 2016 by James Cadbury with the company focusing on selling online direct to customers via one-off gift purchases as well as chocolate subscriptions. Love Cocoa partner with a number of British independent food producers.