Is white chocolate really chocolate?

Is white chocolate really chocolate?

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Historically, white chocolate has acquired a bad reputation for not being true ‘chocolate’, instead being full of additives, palm oil and refined sugar. While this can be true for some bars, we take care to carefully bring out the flavours of white chocolate, combining creamy cocoa butter with light, delicate flavours that brings out and balances its natural sweetness.

We believe that white chocolate IS real chocolate, and we use a minimum of 35% cocoa solids in all our white chocolate bars. We never add any nasty stuff, including palm-oil and harmful additives. White chocolate should still have a chocolatey aroma and enough substance so that it’s not sickeningly sweet. Our current range of white chocolates includes a Rose & Pistachio Bar, adding a floral and nutty twist, Raspberry Champagne Truffles, which have a fruity and boozy twang, and Pink Gin Truffles.

At Love Cocoa, we’ve got a real sweet tooth, and we love white chocolate for its natural sweetness and creaminess, and we don’t agree with anyone who tells us it isn’t real chocolate. It can be as rich, as indulgent and as complex as any other chocolate bar, and chocolate-connoisseurs and sweet-toothed snackers alike should appreciate it’s unique flavour.

Milk and dark chocolate showcase the unique flavour profile and aromas of cacao nibs, whilst white chocolate showcases the power of cocoa butter. It works great in baking recipes (especially as chunks in cookies or brownies), for balancing bitter or savoury flavours and for adding variety into your daily chocolate intake.