The Love Cocoa Guide to Corporate Christmas Gifting

The Love Cocoa Guide to Corporate Christmas Gifting

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It’s never too early to get your presents sorted for Christmas – especially when you're organising gifts for your employees, clients, or colleagues. With people clocking off for Christmas from early December and the annual race to get work completed before the holidays, getting your corporate Christmas gifts ordered will be a weight off your shoulders.

Without further ado, here is our Love Cocoa guide to Christmas gifting for the workplace.

Chocolate gifts for employees 

Most corporate Christmas gifts are given from employers to employees. If you’re a boss or team leader in charge of organising lots of workplace gifts this year, it can feel like you have your work cut out for you. With so many different people to organise presents for (and all the logistics involved) — where do you begin?

Don’t worry — it’s easier than it seems. You’ll soon be ticking-off your bulk gifting duties from your December to-do list. Here are some gift ideas and ordering tips to help you through…

Gift ideas

Do you have a small team? Perhaps you have a decent budget to work with, or you really want to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Why not consider a larger Christmas gift like a hamper? Our Corporate Gifting Hamper is filled with delicious, festive flavours and a variety of different chocolate gifts. From our nostalgic Gingerbread bar to our Salted Caramel Almonds, your giftee will adore trying our quintessentially Christmas-themed treats.

On the other hand, if you’re buying for lots of employees, individuals you don’t know personally, or you have a smaller budget, a mini gift box or delectable traybake is a great option.

Our Corporate 3 Bar Christmas Letterbox Gift is a bundle of dark gingerbread, white peppermint, and milk Christmas pudding chocolate that is sure to bring joy to your employees. Plus, this bundle fits through most standard letterboxes, making it ideal for remote workers. Our Corporate Gifting Mini Gift Box also contains the same festive flavours, with the addition of some salted caramel almonds.

Likewise, our Love Cocoa Brownies is a box of six gorgeously gooey brownies topped with salted caramel truffle. It can be sent to your employee’s individual addresses, so you don’t need to worry about distributing the boxes at work.

Ordering and delivery tips

If you can order your corporate Christmas gifts to your employee’s addresses, it might be wise to do so! With everyone on holiday at different times, it can be difficult to give your presents out at your workplace. Plus, you can set your delivery date for close to Christmas day, so they can receive their treat while they are on holiday leave.

Lots of our corporate Christmas gifts can fit through most standard letterboxes, so there’s no risk your giftees will miss the delivery and need to go to the postal depot to collect it (never a fun task at Christmas). For larger gifts, we offer lots of delivery options, like 24-hour Royal Mail tracked delivery. Take a look at all our delivery options for more details.

Chocolate gifts for clients 

Your clients probably won’t be expecting a Christmas gift, but they are sure to appreciate the extra effort (and chocolate) — and remember the gesture for a long time. Perhaps you have a client that you’ve been working with for years, a client that has stood by you through thick and thin, or a new client you want to impress early on in your working relationship.

Whatever the reason for your festive gifting, we recommend going all out with a Christmas hamper. While a small gift might be perfectly adequate, a hamper can be shared around their office and can spread joy to all their employees. Our Corporate Gifting Chocolate and Prosecco Hamper will get the Christmas started with a pop and a fizz. From salted caramel-filled hearts to chocolate coated biscuits, this is a gift collection that’s sure to go down a treat.

Send your gift directly to their office or present it in person during your last pre-Christmas meeting. If your working relationship is entirely remote, you’ll want to look at your delivery options.

Extra touches

If you fancy adding some extra touches to your corporate Christmas gifting, why not send each person a handwritten card thanking them for their hard work? As they say, it’s the thought that counts. A personalised note of appreciation will lift their spirits into the new year.

Advent calendars for workplace gifting

If you’re thinking about doing something a little outside the box for your corporate Christmas gifts this year, why not send your colleagues advent calendars towards the end of November?

While this is the gift that keeps on giving (they’ll be able to open up a little treat everyday until Christmas day), it will also keep people motivated through one of the coldest, darkest months of the year.

Our Love Cocoa Large Advent Calendar is filled with 23 delicious truffles and a mini chocolate bar. Plus, it features a bright and jolly London-inspired design. Also, in line with our tree-planting scheme, one tree will be planted for each advent calendar purchased. You can even add your company’s logo or a personal message to the calendar box!

Need to accommodate some dairy-free or vegan employees? Our H!P Advent calendar is a wonderful plant-based option. It’s filled with squares of creamy oat milk chocolate and there’s the option for you to add a logo and message to this one, too.

Delicious corporate Christmas gifts from Love Cocoa

Take a peek at our entire collection of luxurious corporate gifts for the festive season. We’ve created a scrumptious array of chocolates, truffles, and bars to delight your teammates, star workers, and long-standing clients.

Browse our chocolate and tipple hampers, letterbox-friendly chocolate bar boxes, and Love Cocoa brownie box. Whoever you’re gifting for, there is bound to be a tasty treat that’s up their street!