James Cadbury bringing back pure chocolate heritage to Fortnum & Mason

James Cadbury bringing back pure chocolate heritage to Fortnum & Mason

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Press Release 28-March


A descendant of the Cadbury family is bringing back the historic brand’s British heritage with artisan chocolate bars, handmade in the UK. Love Cocoa is celebrating its first UK retail listing at iconic British store, Fortnum & Mason. The occasion marks nearly 200 years since the founder's great-great grandfather, George Cadbury, secured a listing there.

In 2010, Cadbury was subject to a hostile takeover by American corporation Kraft, but James Cadbury’s Love Cocoa collection is firmly fixed in British tradition. The 85g chocolate bars aim to reinvent the quintessentially British classics: Gin & Tonic, Honeycomb & Honey, English Mint, Crushed Coffee, Earl Grey and Maldon Sea Salt, as well as classic Milk (37% cocoa) and Dark (70% cocoa).

For many, the ‘Cadbury’ name has lost its magic, but Love Cocoa aims to restore faith in British chocolate brands. Love Cocoa shares its ancestor’s ambition to create something ‘absolutely pure, therefore the best’. Love Cocoa bars are handcrafted in the UK using organic, fair trade cocoa, ethically sourced from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The chocolate is free from refined sugar and gluten. Other natural ingredients are supplied by independent British producers as far as possible ─ for example, Barnes & Webb honey (London), Summerdown Farms English mint (Basingstoke) and Maldon Sea Salt (Essex).

Love Cocoa's core online gifting service brings chocolate gifts straight through the letterbox. Consumers can choose between boxes of three (£13.95) or six (£21.95) bars of their choice, with standard delivery free. Future plans rest in securing further retailer listings, side by side with growing the ecommerce platform. Product diversification is expected in 2017, to include single serve bars and personalised packaging. The company plans to donate 10% of profits to charitable causes.

James Cadbury, Founder of Love Cocoa, says:

"It's a landmark moment to be stocking Love Cocoa in the iconic Fortnum and Mason. We're following in the footsteps of my great-great grandfather, who did exactly the same 200 years ago. My passion for chocolate is rooted in my family history and I aim to bring premium quality chocolate to the UK by championing British ingredients and flavours that make this country unique. It's sweet history in the making."

£4 RRP for each Love Cocoa chocolate bar. Available in Fortnum & Mason or online www.lovecocoa.com.



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Website: www.lovecocoa.com

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Love Cocoa is an ethical British chocolate startup, created by James Cadbury – entrepreneur and descendant of George Cadbury of the Cadbury confectionery company. His premium UK-handmade chocolate is part of a unique one-of-a-kind online chocolate gift service, and each bar is designed to fit through the letterbox. The range of British icons includes Gin & Tonic, Crushed Coffee, Honeycomb & Honey, English Mint, Earl Grey and Sea Salt, as well as classic Milk (37% cocoa) and Dark (70% cocoa).