An update on our tree-planting project

An update on our tree-planting project

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We're partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, an organisation committed to working alongside local communities to produce, plant and protect millions of trees every month. Their project provides jobs to support both the environment and the local economy in remote areas all over the world. Together, we're on a mission to combat deforestation and reverse the damage inflicted by the chocolate industry over the years. 

So far, we've planted over one million trees in Africa. Over 90% of Kenya has been deforested, resulting in drought and poverty, with nearly half the population living below the poverty line. 

Eden work closely with local residents, including Hassan Shaffi Shetai, who grew up seeing firsthand the destruction of mangrove forests on Kenya's coast. Shaffi has shared his story as he strives to restore the same forests he saw destroyed. 

"We have seen the destruction and now are part of the restoration." 

Hassan Shaffi Shetai

Eden currently operate in eleven countries, planting nearly a million trees a day, but they're still expanding, with no plans to slow down. The local communities in these areas are at the heart of their projects, maintaining steady planting progress and support economic self-sufficiency. We're proud to be in partnership with them and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the Love Cocoa and Eden Reforestation collaboration.