8 Corporate Gifting Ideas | Corporate Chocolate Gifting

8 Corporate Gifting Ideas | Corporate Chocolate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a tradition which is being adopted by many companies nowadays - and rightly so. It shows the human aspect of your business. At the end of the day, business is between humans and other humans - not robots or machines. Corporate gifting goes a long way to emphasise this simple idea, which in most companies seems to be missing.
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Corporate gifting is a tradition which is being adopted by many companies nowadays - and rightly so. It shows the human aspect of your business. At the end of the day, business is between humans and other humans - not robots or machines. Corporate gifting goes a long way to emphasise this simple idea, which in most companies seems to be missing.

So, are you in search of corporate gift ideas that will fascinate your clients and their employees? Well, we have come to your rescue with the best ideas on corporate gifting.

Love Cocoa is here to present you with gender-neutral corporate gift ideas that will fascinate your clients. We have brainstormed through the ideas and with enough thoughtfulness think that they will build a good relationship with your clients.


Give them snacks.

You can arrange for the delivery of healthy snacks to your clients and their employees. Indeed, this will ensure their employees stay happy and become more productive while in the office. Getting some chocolate from Love Cocoa, for instance, will be a great way to make your clients happy. A snack will provide a delicious experience to your clients and employees. A healthy snack will also reduce the amount of time that your employees will spend on snack runs.

Since snack time is more often than not a daily experience, your clients and their employees will have you to thank for their happy times at work. Your clients will think about you more fondly as you will have given their employees and them a happy time at work.


Give more humour 

A humorous gifting strategy that sticks to your budget will remind your clients and customers that not taking themselves too seriously; is what you recommend. Humour is a great cure for stress and tension. It also helps in building trust with your clients, while reinforcing the act of creative thinking. It is unfortunate however that most people shy away from using humour at work with the fear of offending others.

Addition of a little humour to a corporate setting will always work as it will cheer up your clients and help them cope with the stressful work environment. 


A fitness gift

To build a long-term accord with your clients in the corporate world, get a fitness pack to gift them. This one will wow your client due to the long-term benefits that are associated with it. You can get an adorable and wearable package with fitness trackers and gift them to your clients. Indeed, this will give them a sense of being cared for, and it will be a delight to them being your clients.

Fitness equipment will make your clients and their employees physically fit thus enhancing their productivity at work. Your clients will enjoy healthier employees who will take fewer sick leaves and therefore improve their production at work.


Give them a taste of other cultures.

Sending your clients on business trips where they can get to interact with new cultures is another exciting way to gift them. Trips will wow them as they will have a gift that will help them to make memories that will last a lifetime. You do not necessarily have to gift your clients with luxury. Nonetheless, a simple, affordable trip will go a long way in building a solid foundation for future projects - consider it an investment.  

For more information on gifting vacation packages to your clients, try searching online travel agencies with a good reputation for organising reliable and cost-effective group holidays. You don't want to book a holiday package from an unreliable partner who might cost your clients time and money in case things don't go according to plan. Gifting your clients with a trip (if you can afford it) will unquestionably leave a lasting memory and solidify your relationship with them for winning future contracts.


Personalised gifts

Everyone loves a personalised gift these days. It shows you care and have put real thought into the present. You can find quirky edible personalised gifts on Not On The Highstreet, but if you want something a bit classier and with longevity why not try Love Cocoa's personalised gifts boxes. Customers first select 2 award-winning organic chocolate bars and then can add pictures and text to the packaging. We expect the chocolate to be quickly eaten, however, the card will remain on your client's desk and make them think of you.


Provide clients with the gift of giving

The gift of giving to others is yet another corporate gifting idea that everyone will love. Add some style while gifting this to your clients such that they will like the idea. Get your clients some classic product that will allow them to donate and feed the needy freely.

Your clients will be happy to know that they gifted some needy people with the gift of a meal or any other necessities. Your clients will always remember the good that they are doing every day. Indeed, this will encourage them to enhance their corporate relationships with your company.


Write it out

Of course, this is the most cost-effective corporate idea that is gender neutral, and most of your clients will love. A handwritten note is a unique yet heartwarming corporate gift that your clients will like. A thoughtful handwritten note especially when it has personal details included is a fantastic idea for corporate gifting. A note may not have the corporate gift luxury look but will most definitely ignite some warmth from your client. Ensure to include the personal details of the receiver as well as a reminder of the value of your relationship.

A handwritten note can seem cheap, but most clients will be delighted. It is a form of inexpensive art that will show your clients that you value your relationship. A written note is more meaningful in the corporate world today than any other type of communication. It shows your clients that you have time to remember them and that you value them as well.


Give Zen

Your client, just like other human beings could be suffering from some work-related stress. The gift of helping your client to alleviate the stress can be one of the best corporate gifts ever. A meditation class or private instruction that will take your client through handling stress is a tremendous corporate gifting idea. Indeed, this will reveal to your client that you care about them as well as their health. 

It might be hard to have a neat way to deliver this gift. However, with some calls and consultations with professionals, it will work. Indeed, this might seem like an incredible gift, yet getting hooked and addicted to meditation is the ultimate gift that you will offer. You will, however, be tasked with conducting extensive research to ensure that your client gets the best meditation services for them to be hooked.


Okay, that's it from us.

We believe that these corporate gifting ideas will help you to make your clients feel appreciated and loved. They will encourage them to continue doing business with you since your relationship with them will be cemented. So, let us know how it goes. As always if you decide to gift a chocolate-related gift basket, then, Love Cocoa is the best place to contact - we have a host of corporate chocolate gifting ideas that will wow your clients.



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