Love Cocoa DIY Chocolate Lollipops

Love Cocoa DIY Chocolate Lollipops

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Love Cocoa DIY Chocolate Lollipops 

The internet is bursting with recipes for all types of baking - cakes, macarons, cookies, pastries...but DIY chocolate recipes seem few and far between, reserved for those chocolatiers who make videos of their chocolate masterpiece creations, far beyond the capabilities of the ordinary home baker. We'd like to change this so here's a simple & easy recipe for some Love Cocoa lollipops.

a chocolate doughnut on a plate


  • A lollipop mould. There's many available on Amazon:
  • Thermometer: If you'd like your lollies to last long, the chocolate will need to be tempered


  • 2 Love Cocoa chocolate bars of any flavour
  • To decorate: Crumbled biscuit, sprinkles, edible flowers, you got it, use it


  • Melt your Love Cocoa chocolate - this can be done in the microwave (melt in spurts of 30 seconds for about 2 mins or just under, stirring each time)
  • If you'd like your lollies to last longer than a few days we advise you to temper the chocolate (not 100% necessary) - Break up 3/4 of the chocolate into a heatproof bowl. Melt until it is flowing and smooth. White chocolate should reach 43C, milk and dark 45C. Add the remaining chocolate, chopped into small pieces. Stir with a spatula until the pieces have melted and the thermometer shows 28C for milk and white, 30C for dark (make sure you are testing the temperature of the chocolate, not the bowl underneath).
  • Fill the moulds to the top. Tap the mould against the counter a few times to ensure the chocolate is level
  • Whilst the chocolate is melted in the mould, quickly decorate with desired toppings. For chocolate swirls simply melt a smidgeon of white or contrasting-coloured chocolate and swirl around with a tooth pick
  • Leave to set at room temperature or chill
  • Remove carefully from mould et voila!

Tie together to make a delightful edible bouquet, gift to a friend or loved one!

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