Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar Pairing Suggestions with Wine, Tea, Whiskey

Emulate and mimic the flavours of this Sea Salt bar when deciding on an appropriate pairing. 


Red Wine

We recommend a South African pinot noir, hits of spice with gentle Pinotage qualities the salt in the chocolate will enhance the fruit flavours and blend accordingly with the smokiness.

Look for a Robust, medium bodied red wine. Ideally with notes of cherry, raspberry and plum with soft tannins – degree of smokiness the wine which would work well with the bitter qualities of dark chocolate and would be enhanced by the saltiness.


Single Malt Whiskey

For a more mature flavour pairing, we recommend the warm and peaty aromas of an Islay single malt. For a serious flavour pairing try Laphroaig single malt, medicinal in flavour with a rich amber colour, warm, mature and intense.

Warmth, earthiness and lingering smoke flavours from the peat would work well with a dark chocolate with a hint of salt.


Lapsang Souchong Tea

Alternatively, Lapsang Souchong tea dried over a smoking pine fire, imparts a sweet, clean smoky flavour and creates a unique exquisite pairing for our chocolate, the richness of both mingle and merge and create a sumptuous experience.


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