Sales of Chocolate Gifts rise as Health Benefits are Revealed

Sales of Chocolate Gifts rise as Health Benefits are Revealed

Every time scientists come up with new health or beauty benefits of chocolate our sales of chocolate gifts rise.

And why not? Considering its many benefits a little of what you love and often, can only be a good thing. Chocolate subscription services are a brilliant idea because you can buy a gift that keeps on giving. A regular supply of chocolate coming through the letterbox is a chocoholic’s dream!

Chocolate health benefits

Many studies have been done over the past few years indicating health benefits that can be attributed to the consumption of chocolate.

The antioxidants contained in chocolate (epicatechins and flavanols) assist with blood flow and lower hypertension. They also reduce the risk of coronary attacks and strokes.

Consuming chocolate protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun reducing the wrinkle effect and therefore giving us a better complexion.

A recent study revealed that eating a small amount of chocolate 5 times per week can lower our Body Mass Index (BMI). The treat also reduces cortisol levels which in turn lowers our stress.

Research from Finland suggests that chocolate consumed during pregnancy decreases stress in mothers. Babies born to expectant mothers in Finland were found to smile more frequently if Mum has eaten chocolate whilst pregnant.

These health benefits combined give us the “feel good” and “look good” factors.

Using chocolate gifts healthily

Cocoa has been found to reduce inflammation in mice, following research carried out at Penn State University in Pennsylvania. If the same applies to humans, it is possible that drinking cocoa as a regular part of your diet may diminish some of the symptoms of diabetes. However, here are some guidelines for using cocoa and chocolate healthily.

  1. Dark chocolate contains sufficient flavanols to enhance your health
  2. Ordinary milk chocolate may not contain sufficient polyphenol to make any difference. Milk and sugar content may also negate any beneficial effects.
  3. Cocoa is best made with milk but for health benefits use the skimmed variety. Put sweeteners in it if desired rather than loading it with sugar.
  4. Around 30 grams of chocolate eaten per day is recommended to keep your heart healthy and reduce your stress.

As a comfort food chocolate has little to equal it. However, like many other foods it should be consumed in moderation.

Letterbox subscription services

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