Official Sticker Supplier - Discount Stickers Printing

We love working with Discount Sticker Printing for all our sticker needs.

We recently ordered thousands of our circular logo stickers from them. Their design team added in our “one bar = one tree” slogan around the edge of the stickers, making sure to promote our “Plant A Tree Project” that will see 500,000 trees planted to fight against climate change.

Fitting in with our sustainability measures, Discount Sticker Printing take many steps throughout their production process to minimise their own environmental impact. The toners they use are eco-friendly and food-safe, meaning there are no chemicals involved in their printing process that can harm the environment. Also, they use recyclable materials during their packaging process, this includes fully recyclable plain cardboard and pillow wrap which is 99% air and made from 100% recyclable materials.

Discount Sticker Printing are fast, sustainable and great value!

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