Halloween Triple chocolate-crunch Dipped Apples | Love Cocoa Recipe

These are seriously the most delicious Halloween treats you can make and are so quick and simple to make!
halloween chocolate recipe
Triple chocolate-crunch dipped apples
- You’ll need 3-4 medium apples
- 2tbsp rapeseed oil
- 50g of chopped hazelnuts
- 20g chopped pumpkin seeds
- 20g cacao nibs
- Wooden skewers
a half eaten doughnut
To make:
- Take the wooden skewers and pop them straight down the middle of the apples through the core
- Pop these in the fridge to chill whilst you melt your chocolate (this will help your chocolate set quickly)
- Melt the salted caramel chocolate first in a bain marie
- Once melted take the chilled apples and dunk them the chocolate so that they’re 3/4 covered. Place these on a greaseproof paper and pop back in the fridge to set.
- Next melt the dark malden sea-salt chocolate in a separate bain marie
- Dip 1/3 of the base of the apple into the dark chocolate mixture (aim to leave 1/3 of the melted chocolate for later)
- Then roll the dark chocolate mixture in a bowl of chopped hazelnuts, chopped pumpkin seeds and cacao nibs)
- Pop these back on your greaseproof paper and back into the fridge
- Once set, take the remaining melted chocolate (re-heat if necessary) and stir in 2tbsp of rapeseed oil. This will make your melted chocolate an extra glossy and runny sauce.
- Take this dark mixture and pour it over the base of your stick and the top of your apple, allowing the chocolate sauce to drip down over your apple
- Tuck in!
halloween chocolate recipe

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