7 Benefits of Dark Chocolates and Red Wine

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Red wine served with dark chocolates is known to make for a great food combination when it comes to a romantic date. Valentine's day and a candlelight dinner are not complete if these 2 things are not present. Since the pair has always been associated with romanticism, their health benefits are generally not delved into. Chocolates are instead considered to be highly sugary and hence, significantly caloric. Yes, this is true, but for milk chocolates. Dark chocolates are rich in cocoa and consist of negligible to a low quantity of sugar. This article thus intends to bring out some healthy facts about the food combination of dark chocolates and red wine.

Remove Toxins from the Body

Both red wine and dark chocolates are a rich source of antioxidants. Not only do they facilitate the removal of the accumulated toxins from the body but also lower the incidence of cell damage and infections in the body. By removing free radicals from the body effectively, dark chocolates and red wine keep the skin youthful and healthy. Not only do they invigorate the process of cell regeneration but also play a role in the formation of collagen, which is the main structural protein found in the skin.

Bolster the immune system

Red wine is not only delicious when it comes to taste, it is also highly nutritious. Packed with potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B, red wine is also a rich source of polyphenols. This chemical provides our body with the strength to fight against invading infections efficaciously. Polyphenol also aids the body in boosting its immune system. Apart from this, there is another chemical that is present in red wine, called resveratrol. Particularly known to assist the body in preventing diseases like cancer, this chemical also ensures a healthy heart. When had with dark chocolates, the benefits tend to proliferate. Also, There is no surprise that cognac is the other name for  “the live water.” The dark chocolates provide the body with nutrients like Vitamin E and Vitamin C in good quantity, thereby facilitating the improvement of the immune system.

Prevent Cancer

Due to their high content of antioxidants, both red wine and dark chocolates are known to help the body fight cancer. The polyphenols found in red wine, along with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the dark chocolates ensure that the tumor cells do not grow in the body. You can even try white wine for a change, which has similar health benefits to red wine. Hence, if had in appropriate amounts, this combination can enable you to not only stop the cancer cells from spreading but also kill them and nip them in the bud.

Uplift mood

All of us have to deal with a stressful schedule on a daily basis. If you are looking for something that can reduce your tension, you can count on the combination of red wine and dark chocolates. They contain substances that generate a serotonin effect in the body, thereby enhancing the mood. Due to the presence of carbohydrates, these foods together provide the body with a good amount of energy. Hence, indulge in them regularly and witness the invigorating effect on your body over time.

Rejuvenate the Heart

Dark chocolates, particularly, are rich in a compound known as flavonoids due to its rich cocoa content. It enhances the capability of the body to inhibit oxidation and remove toxins from the body. The high cocoa content also facilitates the body to maintain a normal blood pressure, thereby preventing the heart from suffering excessive pressure. Red wine, on the other hand, averts damage to the blood vessels, reduce the LDL levels in the body and ward off blood clotting. All these functions together constitute a hearty heart. Therefore, adding these 2 foods in your diet can prove to be a boon for your cardiovascular health.

Avert Cold

As per a study, consuming red wine on a regular basis can drastically reduce the incidence of cold and related infections. This was found out to be due to the antioxidant properties of the red wine. Apart from it, cocoa performs the similar function with equal intensity. Researchers have found that theobromine, an alkaloid found in cocoa, is known to suppress coughs and cold efficaciously. Hence, now you have another reason to inculcate more often in dark chocolates and red wine.

Lessen the risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Red wine reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s due to its high content of resveratrol. It strengthens the brain activity and helps enhance the brain metabolism. For a better flow of blood to the brain, dark chocolates play a great role. Their high antioxidant value also enhances the functioning of the brain by invigorating it. They are, thus, great foods to consume, for a strong and nourished brain.

Hence, it’s a good idea to indulge in caramel hot chocolate once in a while, as the dark chocolates with a high cocoa content has amazing benefits to your body. Red wine, on the other hand, has a lot of similar functions that ensure the fitness of the body. Hence, it is high time we start imbibing them into our diets without the feeling of guilt anymore.    


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