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Black Forest Nicecream Chocolate Cups


1. Melt Love Cocoa Ecuador Dark Chocolate.

2. Grease water balloons with oil.

3. Dip into the melted chocolate.

4. Spread some of the chocolate on to baking paper. Place the balloon on top & refrigerate for a couple of hours.

5. Cut the knot of the balloon so it deflates slowly.

To make the nice cream:

Ingredients/ Method.

  • 4 Frozen Bananas
  • A splash of milk

6. Blend

7. Add 10 chopped cherries on top & 40g chopped Love Cocoa dark chocolate.

8. Freeze in tray for 1-2 hours.

9. Spoon into chocolate cups.

Et voila!


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430 reviews
Heat affected

Having followed your progress and previously bought your chocolate from Gloucester services I ordered my bars. It was at the height of our current heat wave, and you did thoughtfully delay the order due to temperatures, but the chocolate did arrive with some white bloom on it. This chocolate was only for myself and immediate family so we will have no problem eating it, it does affect the experience a little, more for texture on the tongue than actual taste but no where near as bad as Kraft changing the shape etc. of the original Cadbury bars, which I now don’t buy.


Lovely smooth chocolate with a genuine orange taste

Always wanted to try Avocado chocolate

As it was on offer thought l d go for it
Lush dark chocolate taste with creamy undertones.
I wouldn't have known it contained avocado but l liked it just the same


The 70% Avocado Dark Chocolate is yet another absolutely stunning additon to the ever growing range.

There are subtle avocado notes that deliver a rich and creamy taste complimenting the 70% dark cocoa. Considering the darkness and smooth mix everything about the makeup is perfect, and there is no bitter after taste! Jasmine green tea is the perfect compliment to an exceedingly lovely chocolate. Definitely one for repeat orders. Congratulations James!

Thanks Neil for lovely review :)